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The Habitual Bunglers are a funky quartet of slick n’ sly rapscallions from Athens, GA:

 David “Doobious” Brown on vocals,
 Rio Crane on drums,
 James Stickney on bass,
 and Robbie Rapp on guitar and vocals

. David, James, and Rio all met around the age of 10, and by age 11 Robbie came into the fold.
After several failed attempts at starting a band with other players, they decided to give it another go in the fall of 2008, their sophomore year in high school.
 The music seemed to flow much smoother for a band who’d only been playing for several months,
so they took to performing at many school functions and house parties, leaving all who witnessed their shows as confirmed fans.
A big factor of their sound is their influences; influences ranging everywhere from Captain Beefheart, Sublime,
 The Minutemen, Bob Marley, Led Zeppelin, as well as Sly & the Family Stone and Megadeth.
 They incorporate many musical styles into their songs in order to brew the uniquely funky stew that is their music;
 if you were to ask the band what kind of music they play, they’d say “We play funk music”.
 However, the greatest factor of their sound comes from their long-lasting friendship and their profound loyalty to each other...and the Funk.



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