Rum Honey are a rock band based out of East London.

"amps that go to 11"

Guitar and vocals by Sky Wood and Jamie Blake, drums by Rami Siam.




Official Press Biog/

May 2011


Sky Wood – vocals

Jaime Blake – guitar/vocals

Mike Bradley – guitar

Dominic Giannetta – bass

Niol Sweeney – drums/vocals


Jaime and Sky first started writing together in 2001.

After some successful studio recordings and one or two helpful words from those that count,

they put the rumHoney band together and began to play the songs live.

By 2006 their music had taken them all over the UK, as well as France, Spain and Italy.

In January 2008 rumHoney set off for a 2 week mini tour in the Italian Alps;

4 months and  more than 100 gigs later they returned with both a faint grasp of  the Italian language,

and a firm desire to record all the songs that had been written on the road. Work on ‘East to West’ began in June 2008.

The music of rumHoney is a celebration of their roots.

The sound is blues-based on the twin guitar attack of  the great rock ‘n roll bands, such as Aerosmith,

The Black Crowes, and The Rolling Stones  – the same bands they grew up listening to and treasuring as rumHoney younglings.

After some years working together rumHoney have developed their own sound and direction and have financed

and produced their own music with no external assistance or influence.

Together with manager Steve Blacknell, rumHoney are currently attacking the London gig cicuit as they always have.

The new album release ‘East to West’  is targeted for summer 2011 on all formats.

Peter Anthony, Radio Caroline: ”I love this band.

They in my opinion are a welcome shot of something that’ll cure ailments.

These guys have studied the artform, realized their strategy, and now quite rightly want to show off

. The business should be proud to have such ability suddenly come knocking out of  the wild blue yonder”

Derek Adams, Time Out: “Their recordings demonstrate a deep-rooted understanding and feel for

soundscapes of early seventies records; and yet they manage to make it all sound fresh, modern and unique.”





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