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The Muggs
The Muggs are a 3 piece, power trio, heavy blues rock band hailing from Detroit, Michigan. Founded in Feb. 2000, the Muggs were having great success in Detroit's thriving music scene until Sept. 4th, 2001 when bassist Tony DeNardo had a massive stroke. The Muggs reformed at the end of August 2003 this time with Tony's bass lines through a Fender Rhodes piano. The Muggs were signed in less than a year after reforming to Times Beach Records and came out with their eponymously titled album in July 2005. The Muggs dub themselves, "the ugliest band in the world" and their live show is a must see!


Danny Methric
Guitar, Vox

Tony DeNardo
Rhodes Bass

Matt Rost

LIVE VIDEO - see episode 15-20

If you live in Michigan, and dig music - don't miss these shows

"To be honest, I haven't heard such great live music since the 70s Lucy Piller (ARN)"

Sunday, June 29, 2008
Stars and Stripes Festival (Mt.Clemens, MI)
Muggs @ 5:00 pm
Saturday, July 5, 2008
Cityfest (Detroit, MI)


New Photos now up on

from Paul's Miami Show





46664 Concert Honouring Nelson Mandela at 90
A Gathering of 46,664 Great Friends and Supporters
London, Hyde Park, June 27, 2008

Many of the world’s most powerful and instantly recognisable figures and a concert audience of 46,664 will pay their tributes to one of the world’s most loved leaders, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate and icon of freedom, Nelson ‘Madiba’ Mandela, as he turns 90
later this year.
Mr. Mandela will arrive in London in June to take part in a series of events to mark his birthday: a very rare occasion since he is now finally “retired from retirement.”
Royalty and politicians from both sides of the Atlantic, leading names from business, sport, film and entertainment – and some of the most successful musicians of the past twenty years – make up the birthday list for three days of celebrations, culminating in a
three-hour evening concert in London’s Hyde Park on Friday June 27, The 46664 Concert Honouring Nelson Mandela at 90.
President Bill Clinton, Prime Minister Gordon Brown, Will Smith, Ms. Oprah Winfrey, Robert de Niro and Forest Whitaker are amongst those who will attend some of the events. Lewis Hamilton, British Formula 1 driver for the Vodafone McLaren Mercedes Formula 1 team will attend his very first 46664 event.
Artists specially invited to perform for Mr. Mandela at the Friday night 90th birthday concert will include Queen + Paul Rodgers, Annie Lennox, Simple Minds, Leona Lewis, the Sugababes, Dame Shirley Bassey, Razorlight, Andrea and Sharon Corr, Eddy Grant, and Jamelia, along with international 46664 Ambassadors Italy’s Zucchero and Spain’s Amaral.
Joining them to celebrate the life of the world’s most respected statesman will be South African and African artists including Johnny Clegg, Sipho Mabuse, multi-South African Music Awards winner Loyiso, Kurt Darren, the Soweto Gospel Choir, Aids orphan choir The Children of Agape – the subject of the award winning film feature ‘We Are Together’, the legendary Papa Wemba and Sudanese ‘war child’ rapper Emmanuel Jal.
The concert will feature numerous unexpected appearances, with several major artists keeping silent about their involvement in order to take both Mr Mandela and the audience by surprise.
Among the specially chosen artists are many whom Nelson Mandela is recognising for having voiced their support for him over the past 20 years, dating back to London’s historic Free Mandela concert of June 1988, which called for Mr. Mandela’s release from incarceration on Robben Island and which Mr Mandela has said gave him and his fellow prisoners great inspiration. Simple Minds were instrumental in making the 1988 event happen. Annie Lennox appeared with The Eurythmics and has since become of one of the most active ambassadors for Mr. Mandela’s 46664 AIDS organisation.
Lennox, along with Dave Stewart and Queen’s Brian May and Roger Taylor played a key part in the foundation of 46664 in October 2003. Since then, Queen and Paul Rodgers have gone on to write songs especially for the organisation, including the track Say It’s Not True from their forthcoming album which the band donated to 46664 for World AIDS Day 2007. With the Corrs, Sharon and Andrea Corr appeared at the inaugural Cape Town concert and together and separately have since participated in further concerts for Mr. Mandela’s 46664 charitable organisation. Zucchero has been another stalwart supporter, appearing in the first concert as well as two further concerts.
Rounding out the twenty years since the Free Mandela event in 1988, the concert will also feature top artists of today including worldwide No.1 artist Leona Lewis and Britain’s most successful female group, the Sugababes.
Fundraising events as part of the celebrations will benefit the charitable organisations established by Mr. Mandela: the Nelson Mandela Foundation, the Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund and the Mandela Rhodes Foundation, which through their work have sought to bring about change and make a difference to lives in South Africa, Africa and elsewhere over the past 14 years. The concert proceeds will go to the 46664 campaign which raises awareness about the impact of AIDS, especially in Africa, and promotes effective HIV prevention measures throughout the world.
Mr. Mandela said at the announcement of the concert: “You all know that I am supposed to be retired but my friends and the charitable organisations that bear my name want to use my 90th birthday year to raise funds to continue our work and so of course I want to help them. So, we have a bargain – I am going to London and they will host a concert in Hyde Park, which will raise awareness of our continuing work and much needed funds.”
As his final public engagement on his visit to the UK, Mr. Mandela’s appearance at the concert is sure to be emotional. In stepping down from his campaign work he will use the concert to deliver his message presented in the current 46664 campaign “It’s in our hands”, that he is handing over the 46664 mantle to each of us to carry forward on his behalf.
The concert has been made possible through the generosity of the private sector to honour Mr. Mandela’s 90th birthday. Mercedes-Benz, Zain and Investec lead the companies who have rallied to support the concert. Others including with British Airways, Samsung, Intercontinental Hotels, The Westbury and Live Nation have also assisted. A special mention also for The Royal Parks who have allowed the concert to take place the night before Hard Rock Calling and who have agreed the sale of a significantly numbered 46,664 tickets for the concert.
For tickets for the 46664 Nelson Mandela 90th birthday concert:

For tickets go to
General admission tickets are £65.00 (plus booking fees).


Saturday, June 7, 2008

The Cannery Casino  
 Las Vegas, NV
2121 East Craig Road, North Las Vegas
Intersection of Craig and Losee Roads
Casino phone (702) 507-5700

Call 1.866.999.4899 or 702.507.5700



David Cook singing ALL RIGHT NOW

Live from Miami


 Saturday . May 17, 2008  - Review

Miami Gardens, Florida
Saturdays concert started at 10pm and was over at 11 pm.The weather permitted for a nice evening.There was a display of fireworks before the show and during songs such as shooting star, fireworks went off. The band started the set with
1.Can't get enough
2.Rock n roll fantasy
3.Feel like making love
4.Rock steady
5.Sweet angel(tribute to Jimi Hendrix)
6.Wishing well
7.Shooting star
8.All right now
9.Bad company

  and as always Paul was looking great, wearing the usual black leather pants, and ready to rock the aprox  crowd of 2,000.The whole band works so well togather. I really enjoy watching and listening to the young and amazingly talented Kurtis Dengler.
I could listen to these fellas around the clock and never tire. As always I'm looking forward to another show.

      Kim Gold

New Talent in Italy

WATCH this video for All right now

Someone new to watch out for  !!!!! Enjoy !

Website  Listen to first track for example


Video One

How long will it take for someone to find him??
Let's see....



Ten Questions with...


Andy Fraser



1. What are you currently up to? (E.g. touring/studio, etc.)

Right now, am helping put together a new album for Frankie Miller, who as you may know has been paralyzed since suffering a brain aneurysm some years ago. Some fantastic vocal performances of his have been discovered, some real treasures, and I am putting tracks around them. Also some songs that we co-wrote together, I will completely re-do with a new vocal. Maybe 3 but at least one. Ray Minhinnett, and Henry McCollough are the main instigators, with their history of "Full House". So far the tracks sound great!


2. Were you pleased with the reaction to your last solo album 'Naked and Finally Free'? Do you take much notice of reviews or are you more focussed on what fans think of your music?

I try not to be too swayed by reviews, either saying I am Christ reborn, or an idiot who should have stayed gone, but from what I saw the feedback was all of a positive nature, so I have nothing to be concerned about.

Fans or reviews, it's all other peoples opinions, which they are entitled too, but come from their perspective, without really knowing mine. Some people would like to see me playing bass again with Free. "Hey" and we would all like to be teenagers again... and be able to raise the dead. ain't gonna happen. Gotta live in the present.

3. How did you get your first break into music and what made you want to play the bass?

Alexis Korner hooking me up with John Mayall's bluesbreakers when I was 15, and I actually started playing bass because all my school mates wanted to be the singer, or drummer, or guitarist... anything but the bass player. So I was the diplomat who tuned my strings down an octave, until I got a real bass.

4. You appeared with Paul Rodgers back in 1994. Have you kept in contact with Paul Rodgers and Simon Kirke down through the years? Would there ever be a chance of the three of you reuniting as Free for a special one-off event similar to what Led Zeppelin are planning?

Contact is sporadic, and with Rodgers very tense. It's OK with Simon. In fact for the release of the "Free Forever" DVD last year, Simon and I had a great time together in UK promoting it and attending the DVD release party in London. Rodgers declined to attend, actually much to everyone's relief.

I had in fact asked both Paul and Simon what about doing a concert at that time, recording it for DVD, and putting our differences aside for a day, just for the fans. Simon was into it, Paul wasn't. I doubt if another opportunity will present itself.

5. What have been the live highlights during your time with Free and as a solo artist?

I am tempted to say Free's Isle of Wight concert as it was so big, but I remember a little gig in Aberwrystwyth, Wales somewhere in a small pub with only about a dozen people where we were so good, that us, the roadie's and the 12 people were simply in disbelief. Or the spliff was really extra strong that night!!

6. You have had more than your fair share of setbacks health wise. How have you dealt with these and how important has family support been for you?

I have, but I am doing fantastic right now. Better than most 55 year olds. I am very disciplined when it comes to nutrition, sleep, work scheduling, (by not working 18 days like I used to, no non-prescription drugs, and exercise 3 hours every day).

Plus I am very closely monitored by excellent medical teams. So life has never been so good. The support of my daughters, Hannah and Jasmine is the most valuable thing in my life. They also have used their talents to be all thing's visual for Andy Fraser, including CD/DVD artwork photography and design, video concept and directing, back screen motion graphics for LIVE performances, Website design, and even telling me to lose the pants, when I pick the wrong pair. So we have a fun, close, intimate, very adult business relationship which is so fulfilling. Check out -

7. How do you view the current music scene? Does the internet and downloads help bands and artists get their music known about and heard?

There are plenty of very talented people around today, as well as the usual share of the boring. I love John Mayer. Christine Aguilara when she doesn't get too plastic. "The Voice within" is a great one, even Fergie who is plastic most of the time did a great one recently with "Big girls don't cry".

Generally the current music scene has everyone running scared, because of the downloading situation. I think the internet is great, but more of my stuff is bootlegged than sold. We are in a state of evolution, and I am sure everything will sort itself out.

8. Who are your musical heroes and why?

In the past Stevie Wonder during his Music of my Mind period, Aretha Franklin, back in the day. Marvin Gaye still stands up.

Beatles are still the all 'round best band, because of their songs. The Stones have written a lot of great songs over the years. Hendrix would have to be the best guitarist.

9. What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

I have no spare time. 8 hours a day is gone with sleeping. I spend 8 hours focused on music, 3 hours exercising, and rest rest is taken up with the little things, eating, answering your questions, and the daily activities that we all have keeping our lives together.

10. Message for your fans?

Thanx for such support over the years, for what I am doing now, standing by me through all that I have been through, and the letters of encouragement that are too numerous to respond to, which makes me feel guilty, but it's impossible. Love you too!!



  • Jonny Cole (Vocals)
  • Ric Gingell (Guitar)
  • Adam Laing (Bass)
  •  Martin Saint (Drums)


Live Version of LYING DREAMS

The most promising band of 2008! GET VEGAS leave heavy grooves and vibes, much like the band FREE did in the late 60s, with songs in your mind and soul, not easily erased. That's for sure!”

All Right Now, Official Free and Official Bad Company website..

 Few young bands have embraced classic rock as fully as Get Vegas. This band are a godsend for rock fans who are tired of hearing the same old crap that is currently bombarding the airwaves. Get Vegas are real rock and roll. Rock music that is filled with immense warmth and passion. Dripping with a fierceness of a band that is laying it all on the line. These guys are very, very, damn good” All Access Magazine It’s not very often that a band comes along with a sound and energy like this; the last being the late 60’s when a young band called Free arrived, followed a few years later by the legendary Bad Company.

 Thirty-five years or so later and here are Get Vegas, a young band influenced heavily by the late 60’s and early 70’s British blues boom. They’re making classic rock sound as fresh and alive as it did back then while taking and developing the sound into the 21st century - a massive sound of dirty blues and gritty rock. Since their debut in August 2006, Get Vegas have rapidly built up a huge following, helped along by having tracks placed on the All Right Now website – the official fan website of Free and Bad Company.

 The band also received the distinction of winning the 2006 Insangel Enigma Battle of the Bands followed in 2007 by winning the Red Bull Sponsored Battle of the Bands. August 2007 saw the band play Main Stage at the Bulldog Festival (Europe’s’ biggest bike festival) along side bands such as Status Quo and the Damned. September saw the band record their debut 4 track EP containing tracks: “Burning Soul”, “Lying Dreams”, “Nobody Else” and “Love Hound” In January 2008 the track “Lying Dreams” featured on the Classic Rock cover CD - “Bands You Need To Hear In 2008”. It has generated an amazing reaction from fans and the media with consequent radio plays and press in Europe and the US and a stream of fans desperate to get hold of more material. Letters followed in the February edition of Classic Rock raving about “Lying Dreams” on the previous CR cover cd which led to a full page article in the March edition.

See Live Video below



Photo of Paul Kossoff

What could sound more beautiful than this song, so simple without a band, just the VOICE . !!!



Interesting rock from a band in SPAIN

Listen to No Way to Love you Track 4.




Message to Lucy  from the band :-)

Brings back all the memories. FREE LIVE 1969

Tribute bands

Rebel Company are a Middlesbrough based rock band that formed in Oct 2007.

The band performs an array of classic rock and blues tracks including vintage Free & Bad Company, Jimmy Hendrix, Neil Young, Cream, muddy waters and more.



About Free At Last
Free at Last were formed in 1982 under the name Uncle Sam. Uncle Sam featured three of the current members, Jak (guitar/vocals), Shane (guitar) and Mick (drums) until Dave joined on bass in 1994.

Uncle Sam's set contained a few original songs plus covers by such classic acts as ZZ Top, Pat Travers and of course Free. All the guys in the band have always had a great passion for the music of Free, so in 1996 when deciding to create a tribute there was only one choice who it would be.


Free at Last !!

Moonshine by FREE

Last Year from the Cannery - Las Vegas

The Four Horsemen from Maryland

Hi ARN Readers,

Well Summer is almost here (at last)

So we starting off with


Band Website   Band Myspace

Stephen Harris (aka Haggis), Dave Lizmi, Ben Pape, Frank C. Starr, Ken "Dimwit" Montgomery

Not a new band but new to me :-)




 National Arena Tour
Coming to a City near you!

 120 U.S. Cities starting August 28th 2002

A Classic Rock Arena Tour extravaganza

- State of the art production -

Performed by the Mystic Orchestra.
The Classic Rock Experience is a largescale arena production combining 6 truckloads of intelligent lighting with a monumental laser light show and pyrotechnics display. Licensed vintage video as well as newly produced video and animations shown on 7 screens around the arena, will accompany live performances by approximately 30 musicians and vocalists, showcasing the music, bands and icons of the 60's and 70's Classic Rock era.





In the Studio: Queen

5/1/08, 3:16 pm EST

When Queen performed at their 2004 induction into the U.K. Music Hall of Fame, they asked former Bad Company vocalist Paul Rodgers to take on the unenviable task of filling in for the late Freddie Mercury. “It was amazing how seamlessly our different styles fit together,” Rodgers says of that appearance. “We came offstage really buzzed about it and said, ‘Let’s do some more.’ ” Within a few months, the hybrid group, dubbed Queen + Paul Rodgers, was performing a set composed mainly of Queen hits (with a handful of Free and Bad Company tunes sprinkled in) to packed arenas across the world. Rehashing the past, however, wasn’t the ultimate goal. “I don’t want us to feel just like old guys playing the hits,” Queen drummer Roger Taylor says. “Hopefully [this new album] will be a creative rebirth for us.”

Last year, Rodgers, Taylor and Queen guitarist Brian May gathered at Taylor’s estate outside London to begin recording Queen’s first album since 1995’s Made in Heaven. (Queen bassist John Deacon — who hasn’t performed with his bandmates since 1997 — opted to not come out of retirement for the project.) As the newcomer, Rodgers has had to bridge the gap between his blues-rock background and Queen’s lush, grand sound. “We’re learning a great deal from each other,” May says. “When we started talking about harmonies, Paul went, ‘Oh, really?’ ‘Cause that hasn’t been his thing. It’s a new world for him.”

The first single will likely be “C-lebrity,” which sounds like a mash-up of the brawny “All Right Now” and the harmony-soaked “Somebody to Love.” Other tracks include “We Believe,” an “epic in Queen’s traditional style,” according to May, and “Call Me,” which he says sounds like it would fit right in on Queen’s 1974 classic, Sheer Heart Attack.

The new album, The Cosmos Rocks, is the first the band has recorded without Mercury, who passed away in 1991. “I feel like he’s still very much part of the band,” May says. “We reference him every day. He always really enjoyed Paul’s work. He used to have a go at me in the studio when I tried to have him sing bluesy stuff. He’d say, ‘Brian, you’re trying to make me fucking sound like Paul Rodgers, and I can’t do it!’”

[Photo: Jill Furmanovsky]

Bad Company Tribute Band



 The members of this band understand the importance of the sound, the feel, and the soul of Bad Company & love playing the songs which reflects in their performance time & time again.  Fronted by Billy Spanton,  lead singer, lead guitarist & piano,  his soulful singing and smokin' guitar playing continues to amaze audiences. Nick Alfieri on rhythm  guitar & back-up vocals rounds out the rhythm section while the groove is laid down by Rizz on bass.  The band is driven by the thunderous drumming of Lima, whose “in the pocket style keeps the band in pace & on track at all times.

These 4 guys have been playing for over 9 years covering the NY, NJ & PA area & all points in between.  Members of the band have been in the music business for over 20 years & have played at clubs such as “The Stone Pony”, The Birch Hill Night Club”, “The Shark Bar”, “Tradewinds” just to name a few & have opened for National Acts such as  “.38 Special, “The Marshall Tucker Band”,  “Artimus Pyle’s Saturday Night Special Band”, “Brother Cane”, “Pat Travers”,  the list goes on.


Covering all the hits & many rarities,  pleasing the average & certainly the die-hard Bad Co. fans, this band is not to be missed. They literally re-create the experience &  most importantly the sound of one of the best rock bands of all time!


Booking Info:     [email protected]

Rodgers Rock Pack™”

Paul Rodgers, Fender Center Announce Music-Mentoring Program
“Rodgers Rock Pack™” to benefit Kids Rock Free® education program

Good company: Rodgers hits the stage with Kids Rock Free® band the Igniters at the Fender Center, February 2008.
Photo courtesy the Fender Center

Legendary Britrock vocalist Paul Rodgers and the Fender Center are joining forces to establish the “Rodgers Rock Pack™,” the first mentoring program for the Corona, Calif., facility’s Kids Rock Free® music education program. For the new program, scheduled to start in April 2008, Rodgers has enlisted a stellar ensemble of celebrity volunteers from whom Fender Center students will receive firsthand music instruction and mentoring.

Rodgers, best known for his hit-making ’70s-era stints with Free and Bad Company, ’80s work with the Firm and his current role as vocalist for Queen + Paul Rodgers, collaborated on the concept with his wife, Cynthia. The volunteer “Rodgers Rock Pack™” of mentor/instructors he has recruited includes Queen guitarist Brian May, Collective Soul drummer Ryan Hoyle, singer Sam Moore (of Sam & Dave fame), Trans-Siberian Orchestra keyboardist Jane Mangini and bassist Tony Franklin (the Firm, David Gilmour, Whitesnake). Some of them will appear in person to lead workshops at the non-profit Fender Center, which provides free and low-cost music education for children.

“It’s absolutely fantastic that children have an affordable place to study all types of music from rock to classical,” Rodgers said. “Without music in my life, as a kid, I may have taken a wrong turn. My heartfelt thanks go out to Brian, Sam, Ryan, Tony and Jane for graciously volunteering their time and musicianship. I know that the students are going to be inspired and inspiring.”

Rodgers, celebrated for his bluesy high-tenor singing voice, has supported the Fender Center Kids Rock Free® program since 2004, and raised more than $40,000 for it at a Feb. 9, 2008, Fender Center reception unveiling an exhibit honoring his 40th anniversary as a recording artist.

Visit the Fender Center online here.



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