Mikel Estes

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Video creation is sometimes a singular business, but video producers are a social lot
. Our curiosity about our readers has inspired us to create this new column to introduce you to your fellow video producers.

Name: Mikel Estes
Age: 54
Camera: Canon FS100
Computer: 15"MacBook Pro
Editing Platform: iMovie '08/ Final Cut Express
Microphones: Audio Technica Pro70 Lavalier, Sennheiser e835, AKG D1000E
Support Gear: Tripods- Sunpak 7575, Sunpak 9002TM, Lighting- Mole Richardson 2351 Midget Solarspot, (3)stock halogen industrial lights. Soundtrack- Yamaha DGX-305 keyboard, Tascam DP-02 Portastudio
Inventions - (2) Camera Stabilizers, Clapperboard, (3)Reflective Screens
Website:www.youtube.com/armeeuff1  and forthcoming  www.lifegoesonproductions.com

Mikel Estes, aspiring filmmaker

If you wish to contact Mikel for a shoot - Please email him at
[email protected]


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