balcony of my house
in northern ireland
thunder tshirt from 
their gig
danny bose is god!!!

– professional musician, live performer, song-writer and all round irish mad rocker :-)

WHO AM I? - My name is Keith, I am 27 and I am from Northern Ireland and now currently reside in chicago, illinois, USA.
I am an accomplished session vocalist and also play Drums, Guitar, keyboards and Bass Guitar to a high standard.


Vocalist KEITH SEMPLE who has been featured on ARN for a few years now is appearing on AMERICAN IDOL - March 19th AND he made it through to Hollywood too !!!!!!!!!!!! He is a fabulous singer/songwriter and rocker. Stay tuned............

The Joe Cocker song performed live by Keith Semple on Pop Idol.

Keith Semple live at the odessey arena belfast, northern ireland

Keith singin in december 2005 to a packed odessey arena, belfast.


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