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News from VENUE at Grand Bend



Grand Bend, ON – Concert producer Isaac Weir announced today that the Dog’s Nest at Grand Bend concert for today have been cancelled.

“Regrettably we are announcing today that the Dog’s Nest at Grand Bend music festival has been cancelled. Anyone who has purchased tickets for the Dog’s Nest concert for this evening (Saturday, August 14) will be fully reimbursed through our ticket provider” said Isaac Weir, President of Vicar Entertainment.

“We truly regret that fans of these artists will not get to see them this year and also we apologize for the disruption and inconvenience this may cause. We hope fans will choose to keep supporting our ongoing efforts to make Grand Bend a destination for International artists.“ added Mr. Weir.

“It is unfortunate that ticket sales did not pick up in the days leading up to the event, but that seems the way the industry is these days. The unexpected low attendance for both Thursday and Friday night made the decision an easier one last night. We are extremely disappointed and certainly didn’t want to be making this kind of announcement today.”

“We’d like to thank those who purchased tickets and the media for their great support after our move to Grand Bend.” Added Mr. Weir

In addition, we’d like to thank Mr. Jim Belushi for going on stage with his amazing band last night  and putting on an excellent show despite knowing they would not be getting paid in full.

Bad Co Burning Sky at Casino Rama Canada


Casino Rama, Ontario - August 4, 2010

RAMA, Ont. - Bad Company turned out to be very good company on Wednesday night as the British classic rock act, featuring three original members, played a sold-out show at Casino Rama.

Singer Paul Rodgers, whose stellar pipes were last heard fronting Queen at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto four years ago, drummer Simon Kirke and guitarist Mick Ralphs, have been joined by guitarist Howard Leese (Heart) and bassist Lynn Sorensen on their latest trek.

Opening with the classic, Can't Get Enough Of Your Love, the compact and muscular Rodgers - in a yellow shirt, black studded vest, and skin tight black pants - confidently led the group in front of a sleek-looking video backdrop that initially had the band's name (shortened to Bad Co.) in red and black lights.

A healthy crowd immediately gathered at the front of the stage.

"It's nice to see you," said Rodgers, 60, who had stripped down to a white tank top by the fourth song to show off his impressive physique which he helped keep in shape with constant mic stand lifts.

"How's everyone in Ontario tonight? Wow, what a beautiful crowd, so great to see everybody."


Turns out Rodgers has Canada to thank for Mrs. Rodgers - former Miss Canada, exercise physiologist and artist Cynthia Kereluk - who he married in the Okanagan in 2007.

"It's fantastic to be back in Canada, I gotta say," said Rodgers later as the 80-minute show came to a close. "I gotta thank Canada for my lovely wife, thank you."

Considered to be one of the first "supergroups" of the '70s, Bad Company was formed by former Free members Rodgers and Kirke with Mott The Hoople's Ralphs and former King Crimson bassist Boz Burell, who died of a heart attack at aged 60 in 2006.

On the current outing, the 66-year-old Ralphs and Leese nicely shared lead guitar duties while the 61-year-old Kirke pounded his drum kit like a man half his age.

But it was Rodgers who was the total charmer, and a versatile musician as he played piano on Run With The Pack, Electricland, and Bad Company, harmonica on Oh Atlanta - "On my way, back to Ontario," he inserted into the song - and handled acoustic guitar opposite Ralphs on the contemplative rock ballad Seagull.

"Incredible voice," said Ralphs of Rodgers after the two of them shared the stage alone.

Sadly, Leese's mandolin introduction to Feel Like Makin' Love was marred by a bad connection as it popped in and out but the song was still a standout as was Shooting Star, which saw Rodgers encouraging a crowd singalong while up on Kirke's drum riser.

Other highlights included Rock N' Roll Fantasy, with both guitarists and the bassist at the front of stage, Bad Company, during which black and white cowboy footage was shown on the video screen, and Ready For Love and Rock Steady, classic rock gems, one and all.


Can't Get Enough Of Your Love

Honey Child

Run With The Pack

Burnin' Sky

Oh Atlanta


Gone, Gone, Gone


Feel Like Makin' Love

Shooting Star

Rock N' Roll Fantasy

Movin' On


Bad Company

Ready For Love


Rock Steady


A presale for the both Milwaukee Shows is open on the Artist Arena


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Hi everyone
I thought the US tour last year was pretty darned good and the UK tour was amazing but this current tour is topping those. The band is playing so well.Paul's singing reinforces my sense of wonder each night...Mick and Howard are playing together so well and Lynn manages to play great bass whilst bopping all around the stage...not unlike a Mr Fraser many years ago!....
Would that this tour could continue....we come back to L.A and Wisconsin first week in October and then on to Japan...
.Love to everyone who has supported us over the years...



Oh, Atlanta! Bad Company rocks Chastain Park Amphitheater

written by Jason S. Rittenberry 

   On a sweltering hot July evening in Georgia, Bad Company’s 2010 North American Tour rolled into Atlanta’s Chastain Park Amphitheater and brought a set list of classic rock favorites.

The rock icons took the stage to a rousing ovation as legendary frontman Paul Rodgers counted in the band, consisting of original Bad Company members Mick Ralphs on guitar and Simon Kirke on drums, to the familiar opening guitar riff of “Can’t Get Enough”. The additional musicians completing the band were longtime Heart guitarist Howard Leese and Lynn Sorensen on bass (original bassist Boz Burrell passed away in 2006). The super group stayed up-tempo with Kirke’s drum beat leading straight into the second song “Honey Child’. Rodgers then greeted the audience as he took his place to play a black grand piano for “Running With The Pack” and then returned to the front of the stage, with his signature microphone stand in hand, for “Burning Sky”.

   The fourth song of the night was a nice surprise as the band, with Rodgers now playing harmonica, performed “Oh, Atlanta”, bringing the crowd to their feet. At the conclusion, Rodgers stated, “We haven’t done that one in a long time. We did that one especially for you”. As the audience showed their gratitude for the special song with cheers and applause, everyone in the band except Rodgers and Ralphs exited the stage as the two, each playing an acoustic guitar, performed “Seagull”. At the conclusion of the song, an impromptu and touching moment occurred with Ralphs stepped up to the microphone and led the crowd in cheers saying “The beautiful voice of Paul Rodgers! Give it up, come on!” The two band mates embraced.

   Now, with the other band members having made their return to the stage, “Gone, Gone, Gone” was the next number followed by Rodgers return to the piano for “Electricland’. Not a song that immediately comes to mind when thinking of the Bad Company catalog, Electricland showcased the band’s skills with their instruments in which Kirke‘s percussion specifically stood out.

Leese’s acoustic guitar coupled with Ralph’s electric guitar created a haunting extended intro next for “Simple Man”, bringing many to their feet with Rodgers smokey, blues oriented vocals that were perhaps his most feeling felt lyrics of the night. Another extended intro saw Leese now with both a mandolin and electric guitar around his neck for “Feel Like Makin’ Love”. This song brought the loudest cheers of the night and everyone to their feet who were not already standing. Most would remain up for the remainder of the show. Leese switched effortlessly back and forth between the two instruments as verses turned to choruses and Rodgers supplied a mid song harmonica solo.


   Crowd participation was a point of emphasis next on the popular story song “Shooting Star” as Rodgers, after singing the majority of the song, lead the audience in singing the last verse and several chorus rotations. Appreciative of the participation, Rodgers said, “You’re all in the band, you’re so good!” at its’ the conclusion.

Now worked into a frenzy, the audience was happy to sing along again for ‘Rock ‘n Roll Fantasy” and “Movin’ On” which again highlighted the guitar work of Ralphs and Leese joined by Sorenson at the front of the stage as Rodgers cheered them on from the drum kit by Kirke. This would be the last song before the band exited the stage for a quick break.

Returning to the stage, Rodgers, thinking the same thought as all in attendance, proclaimed “It’s been a great night!” He thanked the crew for all of their hard work in putting on the show, and then started the encore with a sultry rendition of “Ready For Love”.

   The lights then went down with smoke filling the stage as a spotlight shown from above on Rodgers at piano as he played the unmistakable intro to the band’s namesake song “Bad Company”. Passionately performed, this song closed the show. Before taking a bow with the entire band, Rodgers told the audience “Until we meet again, take care! God bless! We love you!” Bad Company and Paul Rodgers fans were left hoping that time comes again very soon.

   There are not enough compliments I can offer the charismatic Paul Rodgers, whose voice sounds more amazing at age 60 than it did 30 years ago. He continues to wow audiences worldwide. I will simply say it was an honor and a privilege to see him perform live, especially alongside Mick Ralphs and Simon Kirke. This is a show that deserves a full house at every stop of the tour.




Wednesday Aug 4th 2010

will be appearing at Casino Rama - Ontario Canada

Lucy & Robert have arranged to meet up with BC fans.
Please feel free to join us at

 (Next to the Casino Floor at Casino Rama)
at 5.30pm
Eat and enjoy spending some time with BC fans
before the show - doors open at 7pm - Show starts at 8pm

Just look around for a large group of people - or ask for Lucy
Please note: This is not a meet and greet to meat the band - Sorry :-)


In The Studio With

Bad Company

I guess that I have interviewed Paul Rodgers as much as any musician in the 22 year In The Studio series . The first time was at the beginning of the Bad Company Desolation Angels tour in Memphis in March 1979 . Next was a live transatlantic broadcast from EMI’s iconic London Abbey Road Studios in February 1985 . At the end of that decade , Paul and I convened at an obscure studio on the deserted outskirts of Los Angeles ; again in the early ’90s at my Dallas radio station ; and yet again in 1997 while Rodgers was on a solo tour during a stop in Alabama .

Paul Rodgers’ successes over a 40-year career easily come to mind : first as the frontman for Free at the tender age of 19 , quickly becoming legendary in their native England while , curiously , never converting on their initial success in the U.S. with 1970’s “All Right Now” ; as the lead singer/songwriter for Bad Company in 1974 , along with Free drummer Simon Kirke , ex-Mott the Hoople guitarist/songwriter Mick Ralphs ,and the late Boz Burrell , who collectively sold over30 million albums ; and most recently  Rodgers as the surprisingly effective lead singer of Queen , a role for which precious  few would even be considered and practically no other could pull off .

But Paul Rodgers has also collaborated with the legendary guitarist /producer Jimmy Page on two mid-’80s albums as The Firm which have failed to exhibit much staying power over time , and followed that with a stillborn project The Law with Faces/Who drummer Kenny Jones . And peppered throughout the second half of Paul Rodger’s career are no less than 8 solo albums , as well . A gifted singer like Paul Rodgers is quite like a race car driver , in that both must rely on a high-performance vehicle to really show off their remarkable abilities in order to maximize the hidden potential of the combination .
















Los Angeles, CA – July 30, 2010 – The original members of legendary rock band Bad Company have announced they will extend their 2010 North American tour with four new dates confirmed for October, followed by five new dates in Japan. The exclusive tour run of Japan will be the first time in over three decades the original members have performed together there. Initially released earlier this year in the UK, the Warner Bros/Rhino greatest hits set “The Very Best of Free and Bad Company featuring Paul Rodgers” is slated for release September 22 in Japan, to coincide with the tour.


In addition, the band has announced the production of a new documentary titled “Movin’ On.”  Bad Company, in partnership with production company Rogue HD, is currently on the road filming a concert tour documentary during the band’s 2010 North American Tour.


Selling over 90 million records during his career, Paul Rodgers is and has been one of the most sought-after and recognizable vocalists in rock music. “The Very Best of Free and Bad Company featuring Paul Rodgers” greatest hits collection features Rodgers’ greatest works during the legendary ’68-’73 era of Free and ’73-’82 era of Bad Company, the album collects 15-tracks from the very best of the chart-topping hits during that 14-year musical tenure. An exclusive iTunes deluxe version of the album, featuring bonus recordings, is also available. Alongside the UK release earlier this year, the original members of Bad Company reunited for their first concert tour of the UK in over three decades. The highly anticipated tour run culminated with a sold-out show at Wembley Arena. The collection became Bad Company's first top 10 chart appearance since 1979, Free's first since 1991 and was Rodgers’ return to the charts following his 2007 certified Gold debut solo DVD “Live in Glasgow” which charted at #1 in Canada*, #2 in Japan, #3 in the US* and #4 in the UK.


Currently, “Movin’ On” film crews are chronicling the band and crew during their daily activities on tour in addition to filming each nights show. The project has been described as a film where the tour itself is the star. “Each city, each venue, the crew and fans are as much a part of ‘Movin’ On’ as the band themselves,” said executive producer, William Johnson.


Official Bad Company iPhone and Android apps are now available and the "Movin' On 2010" tour video blog will be hosted exclusively in the smartphone apps and on the official Bad Company website at Features within the app allow fans to interact with each other at the venues on the concert tour, see concert video clips and a backstage look into the tour itself. Stay tuned to and for more news. Be sure to check out the official Bad Company community at and official Twitter @OfficialBadCo.




Bad Company confirmed 2010 tour dates:


DATE                VENUE                                                 LOCATION

August 4           Casino Rama Entertainment Centre        Rama, Ontario

August 14         Dog’s Nest/Bike Rally                            Port Dover, Ontario

October 2          LA County Fair                                      Pomona, CA

October 4          Potawatomi Casino/Northern Light           Milwaukee, WI

October 5          Potawatomi Casino/Northern Light           Milwaukee, WI

October 7          Hard Rock – The Joint                            Catoosa, OK (Tulsa)


October 9          Little Creek Casino Resort                      Shelton, WA +


October 18        Zepp Fukuoka                                        Fukuoka, Japan

October 20        Zepp Nagoya                                         Nagoya, Japan

October 21        Namba Hatch                                        Osaka, Japan               

October 25        Tokyo International Forum                       Tokyo, Japan

October 26        Tokyo International Forum                       Tokyo, Japan


+ denotes Paul Rodgers last solo date of 2010



Twitter: @OfficialBadCo 


iPhone app:  

Android app: 

Review from Brendan - BOSTON - Bad Company show

Tonight was one of the best show's I have ever seen. That covers 30 years of seeing Paul Rodgers in all the different bands. Tonight was magic. The crowd was so into it. When they started playing Electicland last year I felt it was historic to witness. Tonight they played Oh Atlanta and it was a very pleasant suprise as well. The band was amazing Mick was incredible as was Simon. Howard and Lynn fit right in. I had a ball. At one point a complete idiot ran on stage and got way to close to Paul for my liking. He was tackled off stage in about 2 seconds. Not Cool at all to run on stage like that. Paul is singing the songs pretty close to the way they appear on the albums. He is the best in the world at what he does. I was honored to be in attendance tonight. Long Live Bad Company and Free. Brendan

Fuzzbox - Soul of Love (Paul Rodgers)

Pacific Amphitheatre, Costa Mesa, CA. 7/17/10



Lucy will be attending four BAD COMPANY shows.

If you plan to go to one of the following shows

it would be great to meet up with you !!!

Lakeland Fl -

St Augustine Fl -

Atlanta GA -

 -Casio Rama Canada

Paul Rodgers - Rock N Roll Fantasy Live July 4, 2010

Support Atlanta Music !!!!!!!!


The Marty Manous Band has now released their debut cd

which is available on cd or download from  CDBABY

Powerful British blues/ rock. with big guitar riffs and soulful songwriting and vocals!

This music takes you back to the glory days of blues/rock!

Marty Manous is a accomplished professional musician in the Atlanta area considerd to be a guitar virtuoso at an early age of 16. Now at the age of 25 Marty is the lead guitarist, Front man and composer for his band The Marty Manous Band. Which is a well known Proggresive blues rock band in the southeast. Marty"s music is remarked as being soulfull, dark and powerful with great songs and killer guitar. As well as leading his own band Marty often performs and records with many side projects. Marty has performed and recorded with such names as The Late drummer Cliff Davies ( Ted Nugent and Grand Funk Railroad). Carl Culpepper, Charlie Wooten.

Influences The Aquarium Rescue Unit, The Allman brothers Band, The Derek Trucks Band, Jimi Hendrix, Gov't Mule, FREE!!!, Pride & Glory, Joe Bonamassa, Cream, Eric Johnson, Jimmy Herring, the amazing Carl Culpepper, John Coltrane, ZZ Top, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Bloodline, Led Zepplin, Joe Satriani, B.B. Albert,and Freddie King, Duane Allman, Warren Haynes, Eddie Van Halen, Otiel Burmbridge, there are many great musicians out there that influence our music and life we would like to thank them all.





We are happy to announce that Abbey Road Live will be recording all the Bad Company shows on the US leg of our tour and making the recordings available immediately after each show!

These are limited-edition, collectible CDs that will sell out fast.  They are fully mixed and mastered, not to be confused with a "sound board" feed.  The quality is amazing!

The good news is that they are on pre-sale as of NOW at this link:

Go there now to reserve your copy to pick up at the show, or to have it sent home to you.

And make sure to "friend" Abbey Road Live for all the latest news and updates on the recordings:


Friday, July 9, 2010


We are giving away a signed autograph poster and a pair of tickets to our July 17th performance at the Pacific Amphitheatre, OC Fair.  No Transportation is included. Click here to enter!


Wednesday, July 7, 2010




Los Angeles, CA – July 7, 2010 – Legendary rock icon Paul Rodgers has announced that during his concert tours this year, both Solo and Bad Company, he will be donating rare personal stage items, autographed memorabilia and collectables for a nightly draw. All of the proceeds will be given to the Fender Centers ‘Kids Rock Free’ national music education initiative in efforts to raise money and awareness. Plus Rodgers and his wife, Cynthia, will match all monies raised.
“Without music in schools curriculum there is a void for young people to express, explore and experience music.  We are on a mission to set up this music program across the U.S.  If not for music in my life as a young person who knows where I would have focused my energy,” said Rodgers.  
The Kids Rock Free campaign provides free and low-cost music lessons to students age 7-17 and has serviced over 12,000 kids. Rodgers has dedicated himself to the program since 2003, donating his time, talent and finances. In an effort to expand the program nationwide and to help kids across the United States experience music at a very low cost or for free, the push is on to raise additional funding to make that experience a reality.

Those who wish to participate may simply visit the merchandise booth during any concert date and purchase a $5 fundraising ticket. Two random drawings will be held each night, and the winner(s) will take home one (or two) items. Monthly drawings are also being held online on Rodgers’ website, Rodgers and his wife, Cynthia, will match all donations made during the fund-raising drive.

Additionally, supporters of Kids Rock Free “text-to-donate” can make a $10 donation directly from their mobile phones by texting “ROCK” to 50555. A one-time $10 donation will be added to mobile bills; messaging and data rates may apply. Terms, help and other details can be found online at

Rodgers, celebrating over four decades as a writing and charting recording artist (Free, Bad Company, The Firm, Queen + Paul Rodgers, Solo), was recently presented with the “Classic Songwriter” award by Jimmy Page and Jeff Beck at the annual Classic Rock Magazine Roll of Honour 2009. Rolling Stone recently named Rodgers one of the “Top 100 Singers of All Time,” Classic Rock UK placed him at #2 on their “50 Greatest Singers in Rock” list.  His debut solo DVD “Live in Glasgow” is certified Gold and charted at #1 in Canada, #2 in Japan, #3 in the US and #4 in the UK .  Recently released in the U.K. “The Best of Free and Bad Company, featuring Paul Rodgers” hit the charts in the top 10 and is also certified gold.

DATE               VENUE                                                                  CITY/STATE
July 16             Fantasy Springs Casino                                  Indio, CA 
July 17             Orange County Fair                                        Costa Mesa, CA
July 22             The Lakeland Center Jenkins Arena              Lakeland, FL
July 23             St. Augustine Amphitheatre                           St. Augustine, FL
July 25             Chastain Park Amphitheatre                          Atlanta, GA
July 27             Bank of America Pavilion                               Boston, MA
July 30             Choctaw Resort Casino Event Center            Durant, OK
August 1           Outlaw Jam/Frederick Co. Fairgrounds        Frederick, MD
August 4           Casino Rama Entertainment Center               Rama, Ontario
August 14         Dog's Nest At Grand Bend                              Grand Bend, Ontario
October 4         Potawatomi Casino                                         Milwaukee, WI
October 5         Potawatomi Casino                                         Milwaukee, WI
October 7         The Joint/Hard Rock Hotel & Casino             Catoosa, OK (Tulsa)
October 9         Little Creek Casino Resort                             Shelton, WA *
* denotes Paul Rodgers solo date

More than 12,000 children have experienced the joy of creating music through the Kids Rock Free music education program. The lessons are provide to any and all kids at no or low cost. Guitar, keyboard, drums and voice are currently offered. More than 800 kids are wait-listed to participate in the KRF program. The classes are taught by experienced teachers from the area. More donations are needed to increase the number of sessions offered, expand the variety and depth of classes and complete the build-out the much needed rooms within the center to accommodate the constant and ever-growing demand for the Kids Rock Free Program.

For more information, please visit:

The Fender Center for Music Education is a non-profit center dedicated to the music education of children. The 33,000-square-foot building is located at 365 N. Main Street, in Corona, Calif. Run by the Fender Museum of Music and the Arts Foundation, a 501 (c) 3 corporation, the board is made up of civic leaders, elected officials, and business leaders from the Riverside County and Orange Country regions. The main focus of the Center is to provide music education to children at a no or low cost. Music education has been drastically reduced due to money constraints in the public education system. The Fender Center endeavors to bridge that gap by providing an innovative and caring environment for children to explore the world of music performance. Numerous studies have shown that children, who incorporate music into their education, perform better in math and science by a staggering 30 percent. Additionally, children attain a higher degree of personal confidence and a greater sense of accomplish compared to non-music students.
The Fender Center conducts events throughout the year to bring musical experiences to the general public and raise funds to continue the important work of music education. Contained within the Center, the FM Studio, professionally equipped and staffed, records the kids’ performances. FM Studio is available for commercial use and audio recording. Additional information can be obtained at


BAD COMPANY are giving away a signed autograph poster
 and a pair of tickets to the July 17th performance at the Pacific Amphitheatre, OC Fair. 
 No Transportation is included.
 Click here to enter!




This is Free performing Trouble on Double Time . This is a previously unreleased version .

The Hunter - FREE LIVE


New Bad Company Dates Added

See tour page


SUNDAY 25th JULY 2010 3pm - 5pm

Go to fullsize image             View Image  



held on the outside deck

With Live Acoustic Music and free giveaways

No Band Members will be in attendence at thie event

At the new


Cocktail Cove Grill & Bar


5840 Roswell Road

Atlanta, GA 30328 -

10 min drive from Chastain Park   Hotels   MAP


Free wi-fi connection

Please join us for a bite to eat and mingle before the show

We are doing a head count for reservations so please let us know how many you are.

Email [email protected]



AP Biology Email/Text Sign Up
We just got the inside scoop before the big announcement....
Holdcell are opening for BAD COMPANY July 25th 2010 at  Atlanta's Chastain Amphitheater.
All information will be available later today from Holdcell

More Info coming shortly once announced !!
appeared at the Braves Game at Turner Field Atlanta
 Sat June 19th 2010

Check out the photos from this great event



Fire and Water by FREE


appeared at the Braves Game at Turner Field Atlanta
 Sat June 19th 2010

Check out the photos from this great event





Were you at a Paul Rodgers or BC Concert this year??

Did you manage to capture a great photo ?

Would you like to see it appear on the PR BC Websites?

Then mail them in to [email protected]

Paul's management will be displaying some of them

So get your camera's ready :-) Click away


Photo Taken by Karen A.



 will be featured on a Classic Rock programme (Radio 7 Waves) in the UK

+ Live interview with band members directly from

Atlanta USA


Sunday June 20th 

between 3-5pm Atlanta time

8 -10 p.m UK time

 We hope you listen online!

Rare recording of Superstar Woman

Bad Company receive a gold record & discuss their latest recording, Episode 1024. Broadcast 10th June 1975. (Some parts are mute).


Hi Paul Rodgers fans!

Tune in to June 12th from 12PM-12AM PDT for

highlights of the June 5th Paul Rodgers concert from the Temecula

Valley Balloon and Wine Festival. The full show will be available at a

later date!

Please stay tuned for details at

Local Talent in Atlanta :-)

End of the night. Time for just one more song.I like to think of this closer at the BDG Wednesday Blues Jam being akin to raiding the fridge late-night and taking all the leftover's and making something good to eat, and everything and everybody's in on this one. In fact, it's become almost a prerequisite to the song that everybody who IS there to either be on stage or just off of it. So for ALL of us, it's our moment in the sun when, without using words, we say we were glad to have been there, enjoyed the comaraderie and the music, and till next time, we bid each other farewell.

Written a few decades ago but still being performed and recorded by around a couple dozen top acts, songwriter Bob Dylan's lyrics simply tell the low-end words of a dying Deputy who cannot fulfill his role any longer. This night's lineup featured most of the top regulars and favorites, including Emily White, Spencer Durham, Marty Manous, Cody King, Gage Gilmore, and Alec Roeser, all very much alive. Mikel Estes



The Official, International, Free Bad Company Paul Rodgers  Fan Club

started  in 1996, and now has members in 18 countries from around the world.

Lucy Piller is the President of the Fan Club/Website

and also the editor of and webmaster/editor



Lucy thanks all members for their continued support.!!!!!!


Free's Paul Rodgers singing Teesside's praises 

Press HERE to read the story

Free's Paul Rodgers

Paul Rodgers - Temecula Valley Balloon and Wine Festival


ARN welcomes







From the Classic Rock Mag UK

Jasmine Rodgers show

Opening for
 Robert Rotifer + Kami Thompson
It's a great venue !!!
At the 12 Bar Club
Wednesday, 09 June 2010
19:00 - 22:00
12 Bar Club, Denmark Street London WC2H 8NL (UK)
For more information check out:
Closest tube is Tottenham Court Road Tube

Email [email protected]

Office phone

(+44) 020 7240 2120

To book tickets

(+44) 020 7240 2622


Hannah Fraser daughter of Andy Fraser will appear tonight 1st June on ABC's 20/20

Hannah Mermaid Paua Shoot 3




True Adventures In Rock Journalism: Paul Kossoff(With Rare Audio!)

Paul Kossoff & Steven Rosen 


Paul Kossoff
Birth:  Sep. 14, 1950
Death:  Mar. 19, 1976

Musician with rock group "Free", whose hits include "Alright Now" and "Wishing Well". (bio by: Kieran Smith) 

Cause of death: Cerebral and pulmonary edema
Search Amazon for Paul Kossoff
Golders Green Crematorium
Golders Green
Greater London, England
Plot: Ashes scattered in Section 1-L
Maintained by: Find A Grave
Originally Created by: Kieran Smith
Record added: Mar 31, 2002
Find A Grave Memorial# 6304735

Added by: Anthony S

Added by: Kieran Smith


Altered States of Agoraphobia By Paul Kossoff's Son





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