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is just about the hardest working band in the biz, playing over 350 shows and selling nearly 3,000 copies of their self titled EP in their first 2 years as a band. They are known for their rich 3 part harmonies, driving bass, melodic guitar arrangements, soundscapes and introspective lyrics.

Coldplay and Beatles figure into the equation, but popsters like Pink Floyd and Crowded House set the direction. With two EP's under their belt, the band is out doing what it does best: playing live. A little humor, great singing, razor sharp playing, and the ability to create imagery remiscent of Pink Floyd, sets these guys' shows apart from the rest of the pop pack. Their music is a reminder of bands that could once play their instruments and also write a great song without overplaying, and it's all delivered with tight, clean precision. Their amps also go up to 11. This band is on the road over 200 dates a year!

Sun Domingo is: Jason Pomar- lead vocals /bass guitar, - , Edgel Groves Jr.,- guitar, vocals, percussion. Aaron Simpson-Lead Guitar, Nathan Lathouse- Drums.- - . Jason has a powerhouse voice with incredible range and not since Sting have we seen a bass player handle so much of the lead vocal duties and lay it down at the same time. . Calling Atlanta, GA their home, they are currently on Fall tour and catching a buzz.
Young Aaron Simpson from Atlanta only joined the band a few months ago
I knew the times I saw him perform live someone would grab him quickly and take him away from
our local clubs - And yes this happend, Aarron is now full time on the road nationwide.
Come back to us soon Aaron - We all miss you !!!!





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In Action  

PRICE: $19.95 (US)
Format: DVD
Language: English



All procedes to benefit Right Turn

Drummer's Night in Boston 2005 - Sponsored by Right Turn.

Featuring Chad Smith, John Blackwell, Horatio El Negro Hernandez, Simon Kirke, and Eguie Castrillo.

This DVD documents a remarkable one-night-only performance by five of the biggest names in the drum world, as they play live onstage, both solo and then together in a show-stopping finale in a benefit for Right Turn. You'll experience up close: the amazing handwork of Prince's drummer John Blackwell; heavy-yet-tasty “band approach” playing by Chad Smith of the Red Hot Chili Peppers; classic rock icon Simon Kirke; and the fiery, polyrhythmic, jaw-dropping ensemble playing of drummer's drummers Horatio “El Negro” Hernandez and Eguie Castrillo.

Drummer's Night in Boston 2005 gives you unlimited access to the artists, with exclusive backstage interviews, and spirited performances captured live with multiple cameras in sparkling digital video and audio. 91 minutes,



Joe Matera from Melbourne, Australia



Joe Matera

Joe writes ...."As a high profile music journalist, my interviews and features have appeared and continue to appear in countless music magazines around the world from Australian Guitar, Blunt and Australian Musician in Australia to Classic Rock, Guitar & Bass, Metal Hammer, Bass Guitar Magazine, Total Guitar, Kerrang! and Record Collector in the U.K. From Guitar World, The Big Takeover, Goldmine and Maximum Ink in the U.S and Snaggletooth in Canada to This Is Rock in Spain and Chitarre in Italy. I also contribute exclusive interviews to Ultimate-Guitar.Com and am a contributor to UK's Guardian Series Newspapers' Limited Edition magazine as well as Fairfax Newspapers' M - The Sunday Age in Melbourne. "

Joe loves Free and Paul Kossoff's
guitar playing. Joe's aim was to recapture Kossoff's  spirit and to play his solo as
best as he could as well as add his feel and nuances to it, which he  thinks he did.

All right now was recorded in one take and there are no overdubs as he wanted to
capture the feel of the song as he plays it live.


Joe's tribute to Koss will be coming soon to his website




Read about Karen meeting Simon Kirke





with Paul Rodgers

The Very best of Atlanta


T Shirt soon available at





Friday 27 April

@ Esquires Club Bedford UK



Simon Kirke & Larry Oakes


Saturday 28 Apr 2007 8.00 PM

Mick Jagger Center Kent UK

A legendary rock drummer, Simon Kirke co-founded Free, whose records included the classic,

 ‘All Right Now’. Later he co-founded Bad Company, one of the biggest and best live acts, selling over 60 million singles and albums.

This performance, when he appears with Larry Oakes (formerly of Foreigner)

 will enable you to hear Simon playing guitar and piano, telling stories, singing the hits of Free and Bad Company,

 and introducing his own songs.
‘Simon is an icon to me.’
Arthur Smith



29/04/2007 Essex UK

Riga Music Bar

buy tickets now from Ticketweb



The Astor Theatre, Deal, Kent -

The Park Hotel, Tynemouth -

As shown on their website

An incredibly huge thank you goes out to everyone who came out to support Simon Kirke and Freeway this weekend!!!! 

The project has been a truly amazing experience for us, two fantastic dates (Fri 23 in Deal, Kent and Sat 24 in Tynemouth) with two outstanding audiences - thanks for helping us to lift the roof!  On both nights, Simon Kirke opened the proceedings, accompanied by Larry Oakes, with a 70-minute acoustic set containing some Free / Bad.Co classics, plus some of his newer, solo material.  What class!
Freeway took to the stage next, and with Terry Wilson-Slesser on vocals they took an ecstatic crowd through a set of Free's finest - but then, they're all fine, aren't they? - and were overjoyed to be joined at the climax of the night by Simon Kirke himself on the drums, to finish of the proceedings in fine style with All Right Now, Wishing Well and (in Tynemouth) The Hunter.  The crowd in Deal were also lucky enough to witness Geoff Whitehorn take over the guitar playing on Wishing Well, and to see Simon Kirke receive a presentation of a gold disc from Ian Brenchley of Universal Records for UK sales of the Free Forever DVD.

It has been an honour and a privilege to work with Simon (and Larry!).  We can't thank them enough for coming all the way over from the USA to make this dream come true for us.  Big love to you both.

Special thanks also go to:
John Buckton (for organising simply everything and making it all work)
Rob Dunn (for passing on the sticks, what a star)
Rick Hunt (for staying on that stage in Deal when all of Freeway had abandoned you...we salute you!)
Terry Wilson-Slesser (just for being Sless, pure class)
Suzanne and Jon at the Astor Theatre (best hospitality EVER)
Ian Brenchley (for not turning back on on the motorway when all seemed lost...and for the disc, a magic moment)

And me, apparently...for whatever it is that I do that makes it all go smoothly!  If you have pics, vids or reviews of either of these sensational shows, send them HERE, now!!  We'll put the best ones on the site, so get sending!!

US. American Idol, Chris Sligh -


SAT 24th & SUN 25th Feb
and  every weekend at this time
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12 noon West Coast
    3pm East Coast
    8pm UK Time
5pm West Coast
8pm East Coast
1am UK Time


I have spent my life in the single minded pursuit of living a life in the spot light...with no regard for the cost or repercussions...without fear of loneliness and isolation or being the object of envy or scorn. From as far back as I can remember I have tried to be the best I could be- as a student, a dancer, a singer and an artist. When it all comes down to it, I must live with myself alone and the pride in who I am and what I have worked for makes me whole. Without it I am empty...
Take time to listen to Alana - Lucy

Karen and her son (below) meet Simon at the Fantasy camp

Daniel with Simon Kirke at the Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp

Interview in 1970 w/ the rock band FREE

Unedited version of Free performing "The Stealer".



Tuesday 15th May 2007 - 7.30pm

Wishbone Ash +  BRADY COLE 

Cost: £15 + £1.50 booking fee tickets only - over 14s'
Wishbone Ash and Brady Cole ! live in Dunfermline, Rosyth Fife Scotland
Tickets now online, reserve your tickets online.



London Licks: Scene 4 - All Right Now (Free)

FREE ALL RIGHT NOW - Rare footage


Paul Rodgers

Frederick Brown, Jr. Amphitheater, Peachtree City, GA
Fri, Apr 13, 2007 08:00 PM

Please notice  - Different  Seating chart for Fri & Sat

Internet Onsale Info

Onsale to General Public:

Tue, 03/20/07 09:00 AM EDT

Fans who already are a part of the  ARN Group (Reserved a name/s)

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Vocals - Bert Preston.
Guitar - Bob Canty.
Bass - Joe Cooper.
Drums - Jammy.

Press photos for music and gigs in the UK



PODCAST for Bass Players  from Wed, 24 May 2006

Podcast 21 with Andy Fraser - See Family Tree -

They speak about Andy from about 30 mins into the programme




Tribute Band Free & Co

For more information go to





 Shaun (our amazing vocalist) he’s off to Australia in March…

 so, we need a singer urgently!

 If you think you have the tone, talent and musicality to join us…

Call us on 07814 750696

or contact Rich in Vibes Music on 01752 603563

Paul singing Seagull Video Clip by ARN


See the PAUL RODGERS Family Tree here


17 Year old Peter Mencher from

After Midnight in Atlanta




MIKA - Just visited Atlanta




TV Links

 World TV Overseas TV - Wanna brush up on your Hungarian? 

You'll find plenty more a wwiTV, which also includes numerous U.S. local channels broadcasting online.

Check out BeelineTV, which streams about 100 networks from countries ranging from China to Slovenia and beyond.

It's about time you woke up to see whats going on in YOUR world. !!!

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If the world doesn't interest you then maybe this is the sort of page that will !!!

Go to the In2tv to watch some old programmes free






Taken backstage 1970


Melinda Doolittle - American Idol Contestant !

Wow  ! What a voice


'Limited Edition' 20 x 30 Poster

First time ever!!

from the  Original archives of Lucy Piller

Watch out for the posters being shown

in the UK at some of Simons shows!!!

Please note:

Posters have full  approval from Pauls management.

 Dont miss this chance as I will not be having more printed


Also for those who do not have pay pal just

email me  for other forms of payment

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