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Dirty Deeds" performed by Spike & the Impalers'



WATCH HERE NEW YEARS EVE LIVE PAUL RODGERS will be doing a live webcast with Paul Rodgers on New Years Eve,

live from the El Dorado Casino in Reno NV Starting at 3pm - 1am Pacific time

 Concert time approx 9.30pm Pacific Time (check for time in your part of the world)

Countdown is on


Just announced
 Sunday 30th Dec - 180 MIN SHOW!!
Dont forget you can watch the
New Years Eve live here - see link above


New Years Eve
Monday 31st December 2007
From around the world
Test out link before New Years so you know how to listen before the show
1 pm UK Time
8am East Coast time
5am West Coast time
THE ANSWER Live and Exclusive for Planet Rock
with a special guest appearance from Paul Rodgers
An Archive Set List special - Recorded in December this year in front of
an audience of Planet Rock Listeners
Other shows to listen for

Live in London - Thursday 27th Dec
Fish Live in Edinburgh - Friday 28th Dec
Jethro Tull Live in Stroud - Sunday 30th Dec
Answer & Paul Rodgers - Monday 31st Dec
Monday 31st Dec. New Year's Eve  (7-11pm)

Nicky backtracks on 2007's highs and lows. You can also vote in our Class of 07 Poll and win yourself a best of Bundle of goodies at


Paul Rodgers makes two surprise appearences
Check back soon to see where he appeared as a special guest !!!
Now the shows are over - I can announce it
Trans-Siberian Orchestra  with Paul Rodgers (a surprise guest appearance) Houston and Dallas

Paul Rodgers Appearing with TSO

Ryan Hoyles collection of Video from the UK Tour in 2006

All I want is you from the cd NOW

Sex & Voilins News

Sex And Violins

sign world wide release deal with Astral Records and Music / Dead Famous Artists

Having just completed an incredibly fresh album with that definitive Seattle

 sound the band are destined for big things with the release of their

 sophomore self titled album, "Sex & Violins" in March 2008 for both the digital market worldwide and the physical release of the album in

 both the US and Canada to follow shortly after.

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Great Link!


Up and Coming Artists !!

Jordan Gonzalez, 15, plays with Chicago Joe Jones
and his band at Maddy's Rib & Blues Joint in Decatur.
Atlanta teen rocks the blues

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Published on: 01/02/08

Jordan Gonzalez appears distressed.

His face is contorted, eyes shut tight, his mouth curls toward his nose. Gonzalez, head lifted, rocks on his heels.

Brant Sanderlin/AJC
Jordan Gonzalez, 15, plays with Chicago Joe Jones and his band at Maddy's Rib & Blues Joint in Decatur.
Top 5 Influences
(in alphabetical order)
• Sean Costello
• Buddy Guy
• Chicago Joe Jones
• Otis Rush
• Stephen "Stevie" Ray Vaughan

Top 5 Favorite Songs
• "Third Degree," Willie Dixon
• "I Can't Quit You Baby," Otis Rush
• "It Hurts Me Too," Elmore James
• "Got My Mojo Workin,'" Muddy Waters
• "Cuttin' In," Johnny "Guitar" Watson

What he plays
• A yellow 1996 American made Fender Stratocaster is his main guitar. "We get along really well," he says about his relationship with the guitar.
His back-up is a 1980s Fender Telecaster made in Mexico.
Check for future gigs at:

The guitar tells the sordid story. The strings seem to scream with pain as his fingers run from high-to-low extremes. The minute-long intro brings a once-chatty crowd to near silence.

Finally, with the pent up aggression of a man separated from his woman too long, he steps to the mic: "Well, it's flooding down in Texas, and all the telephone lines are down. I said, it's flooding down in Texas baby, and all of the telephone lines are down. I've been trying to call my baby, but I can't get a single sound."

After his stirring rendition of "Texas Flood," Jordan flashes a quick smile at his parents. They applaud wildly, as does everybody else in the place, at the performance their 15-year-old son had put on.

"I'd say he's definitely one of those people who was born to play the guitar," Andrew Black, a local musician said. "A lot of kids know the notes, but they just don't have the feel for it. He does."

Jordan, a 10th grader at Pace Academy in Atlanta, is a self-proclaimed "shy guy" at school. But after the final bell of the day rings, he causes quite a stir with his guitar.

His musical abilities are not exactly a surprise as his mother, Micki Gonzalez has multiple degrees in music and is a choral director. Jordan has taken lessons since he was 11 and been on stage since he was 12, playing wherever he could. Juggling school work with his budding music career is something he enjoys.

"That's what's really special about Jordan," said Chicago Joe Jones, Jordan's former guitar teacher. "He's committed to the music. He's really committed to being a part of the music."

Jordan's parents have also made a commitment to his music, which is especially helpful because he doesn't have a driver's license. He won't be 16 until March, so one – or both – of his parents accompany him to every gig.

"I'm the driver and part-time roadie," joked his father, an attorney. "I also double as an equipment guy too, I guess."

There are some places Jordan's not allowed to play, because of his age. The young musician hopes that will be the only age-related barrier that will get in his way.

"I really want people to enjoy the music because it's good, not because it's good for someone my age," he said.

This particular night at Maddy's in Decatur, Jordan isn't the youngest one on stage. Jones hosts a jam on Thursdays and encourages his students to come and play before a live audience. Jordan is, however, the youngest in the house band, led by Jones. Jordan performs with Jones' group several times a week, when his schedule allows.

"This kid really is something special," Jones said. "And he's only getting better."

Last year, Jones needed a rhythm man in his band for the 2006 Atlanta Blues Challenge. He asked Jordan to join the band and retire his student status. It was the first time Tommy Brown, an Atlanta blues artist, saw him.

"He was really green," Brown recalled. "At that time he didn't know much about stage presence and things like that."

A year later, "Fantastic!" is how Brown describes Jordan's progress.

Over the past three years Jordan has thrown himself into his music. He's started a band of his own, Swagger, with three of his friends and taken to the live performances he used to not be so fond of. He's also focused on being a better rhythm player, one of the harder aspects of playing guitar, he said.

"If you really want to be good, you've got to learn how to back somebody up," Jordan said. "You've really got to know when to pull back and how to stay out of the way. There's no substitute for learning that, you've just got to get out there an embarrass yourself a few times and then you'll get it."

"I've done that a lot," he added with a laugh.

Jordan's growth also includes the depth and breadth of the music he plays and enjoys. He's decided he wants to make a career out of being a musician and he plans to add song writing to his list of talents. He's looking forward recording some of his work and "really branching out as an artist," he said.

"When you play with people who are so much better than you, it really makes you want to get better, you know?"

New Talent in Atlanta GA USA
  “Man can he play!” is often the refrain heard from music lovers and professional musicians alike when Jordan González, 15, takes to the stage, Strat in hand. Jordan’s guitar playing and song writing have been recognized as sophisticated and creative, reflecting a skill well beyond his years.
 He has been performing regularly since age 13 when he first started playing the blues and rock-n-roll in and around Atlanta with The Chicago Joe Jones Band. In the fall of 2006, Jordan got his first taste of the “big time” when The Chicago Joe Jones Band won the Atlanta Blues Challenge and went on to compete in the International Blues Challenge in Memphis, Tennessee.
 Jordan still plays with The Chicago Joe Jones Band several nights a month. He is also a founding member of the band Swagger. Swagger recently competed in the 2007 Atlanta Blues Society Challenge and won the Peoples’ Choice Award. Swagger plays regularly at several venues throughout the city. Jordan has performed with many of the top blues musicians in Atlanta.
Jordan has the potential of becoming the newest hottest guitarist around
You wait and see !!!
Barry Richman jamming with 15 Year old Jordan Gonzalez


Documentary Excerpt from Andy Fraser "Alive"



will be doing a live webcast with Paul Rodgers
on New Years Eve,
 live from the El Dorado Casino in
Reno NV
Starting at 3pm - 1am Pacific time
Concert time approx 9.30pm

Rock in the New Year with a live, high-energy
performance by the soulful, singer-songwriter, Paul
Rodgers. Rodgers appears live in the Eldorado Showroom
on Sunday and Monday December 30 and 31.  The New
Years Eve performance will be available as a free
webcast on  With a soulful, bluesy swagger,
the multi-talented Rodgers not only belts out his
songs, but he also plays piano and guitar. The
rock-n-roll chart topping Rodgers will ring in 2008
with some of his most memorable soulful hits including
"All Right Now," "Feel Like Making Love" and "Can’t
Get Enough."

Not only will his show include an array of his classic
rock hits, but Rodgers comes with a fresh sound
including some of the latest hits off of his newest
CD/DVD release, "Live In Glasgow." Recorded in October
2006 on his sold out UK tour, "Live In Glasgow"
showcases Rodgers with a voice and sound that is
stronger than ever. Fans will get a taste of some of
Rodgers’ newest songs including "Warboys (A Prayer For
Peace)" and "Far Distant Shore" to go along with his
popular hits.

A noted singer and songwriter, Rodgers has written,
recorded, produced and released 28 albums worldwide
since the late '60s. This platinum-selling artist is
recognized for his electrifying lead performances in a
number of rock bands including Free (1968-1973), Bad
Company (1974-1982) and The Firm with Jimmy Page

Not only has Rodgers led a number of bands to the top,
over the span of his career, Rodgers’ has performed
with an eclectic mix of some of the industry’s top
artists including Jimmy Page, Jeff Beck, Slash, Bryan
Adams, Motown’s Sam Moore, The Four Tops and more.

After reaching success selling over 90 million records
as the lead in popular rock bands over the years, Paul
Rodgers enjoyed solo success when he was nominated for
a Grammy for his 1993 release, "Muddy Water Blues."
Most recently, in 2005-2006, Rodgers joined with
Queen’s Brian May and Roger Taylor for the Queen and
Paul Rodgers World Tour.

With a passion for writing and performing music,
Rodgers continues to storm stages both nationally and
internationally. Rodgers’ resume reads like a rock
history lesson. From leading three top rock bands to
international success, to selling platinum albums
across the world, Paul Rodgers has got what it takes
to make your New Year a rockin’ one.

Tickets are available for $85, $100 and $175. Show
times are 8pm Sunday, December 30 and 10pm Monday,
December 31. For tickets and more information, call
Eldorado Show Reservations at 800-648-5966.
Paul Rodgers  has signed on to perform at London's O2 Arena as part of a tribute to late Atlantic Records founder Ahmet Ertegun. "Ahmet had many gifts," Rodgers said in a statement. "His soulful freedom to love and lift others was just one. Now even in his passing he is still bringing people together and inspiring us. I am deeply honored to be a part of his musical legacy and pay tribute to his memory." As previously reported, the upcoming concert will also feature a reunion performance from Led Zeppelin,as well as Bill Wyman's Rhythm Kings and special guests Pete Townsend, Paolo Nutini and Foreigner. Originally scheduled to take place this month, the tribute show was pushed back to Dec. 10 after Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page--Rodgers' bandmate in The Firm--fractured his finger.

17th December

Jones Gang video



 R&R Party with ‘THE JONES GANG’


Doors Open 7.30pm DJ Till 2am

Price Includes Buffet Supper 8-10pm

Children 9-16 Welcome

For tickets call 01483.272828

For further information contact       See New Years ad on website     


PREVIEW !!!!!!!



New Years Eve
They're Section 20, Row C, Seats 9 and 10. Face value $226, make an offer!
 Contact this MySpace page: If Interested


Message from Seller

Hi, just wondering if you know anyone who migh be interested in some very early Andy Fraser signed Free gig receipts.

 My family ran a club in Devon - The Van Dike Club -

 we had Free several times and I have now been left some material from the late 60's early 70's.

 I was about 16 at the time and remember seeing them, a really fantastic band

Offers in the region of 65 UK pounds each

Please email [email protected] for information about seller


Larger view


Minnesota Police Officer Killed in Iraq

FALLS CHURCH, Va.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--William Lawrence Juneau, a former officer with the Chisago County (Minn.) Sheriff’s Department, was killed yesterday in Iraq when the military convoy in which he was traveling was struck by an improvised explosive device approximately 50 miles southeast of Baghdad.

Mr. Juneau, 36, of Rush City, Minnesota, was working as an international police advisor (IPA) for DynCorp International in Iraq. The incident occurred at approximately 2:35 p.m. local time. After the attack, Mr. Juneau was transported to the 86th Combat Support Hospital, where he died of injuries sustained in the attack.

Mr. Juneau was assigned to the Civilian Police Advisory Training Team (CPATT), the component of the U.S. military Multinational Security Transition Command – Iraq (MNSTC-I) responsible for the U.S.-led effort to train and equip the 135,000-member Iraqi police service. DynCorp International is responsible for recruiting, training, equipping, and supporting the 700-member U.S. contingent of trainers through a contract with the U.S. Department of State.

Mr. Juneau had been working as an international police adviser in Iraq since June 2006. Before joining DynCorp International, he spent four years as a deputy with the Chisago County Sheriff’s Department. From 1997-2002, he was an investigator with the Pine County (Minn.) Sheriff’s Department, and from 1995-1997, he served as an officer with the St. James (Minn.) Police Department.

“We are deeply saddened by the loss of Bill Juneau,” said DynCorp International president and CEO Herbert J. Lanese. “He was an unselfish and courageous young man who left his home to serve his country to train police in Iraq. He was performing a vital service for our country and for the Iraqi people under very difficult circumstances, and we remain honored to have had him serve with us.”




Rare Bird, A band I saw in the early 70s


Robert and I have made plans to come to London for a few days and will go to the Led Zep show.
Please don't ask me how I got them OK?
We will be in the UK from 9th -12th Dec.
While I am there we will be meeting up with AllRightNow Friends on the day we arrive
which will be Sunday 9th Dec.
 We shall be meeting at the Kings Head in Earls Court at 2pm  and will be there
till 4pm only as we will both be jetlagged
If you think you will be able to join us - send me a message and we shall expect you
Go to fullsize imageKings Head Go to fullsize image
Address: 17 Hogarth Pl, London, SW5 0QT [map] [gmap]
Tel: 020 7244 5931



Simon Kirke Official Website

has been featured on FREEWEBS this month

Simon Kirke is appearing next Sat 10th Dec at the Led Zeppelin show






Jeff Kathan has become what most drummers only fantasize about; being a true touring professional rock drummer. Jeff's solid locomotive style has earned him the honor of playing with some of the top rock musicians of our time; the legendary Paul Rodgers (Free, Bad Company, The Firm), Mark Farner (Grand Funk Railroad), Howard Leese (Heart), Ronnie Montrose (Edgar Winter Group, Montrose, Gamma), Randy Hansen, and many more


Dec 7, 8
Magic Bus
Clearwater Casino
Poulsbo, WA

Dec 13
Spike And The Impalers
KZOK Twisted Christmas Party
The Paramount Theater, Seattle

DEC 15 - Lake Wilderness Golf Club - (Maple Valley)
Fabulous Johnsons

25400 Witte Road S.E., Maple Valley Map Link

Phone: (425) 432-9405

Dec 23
Magic Bus
Private Party

Dec 30, 31
Paul Rodgers

Eldorado Saloon
Reno, NV

Jan 12 2008
Magic Bus
Tulalip Casino

Jan 19 2008
Spike And The Impalers
Little Creek Casino, Shelton WA

Jan 26
Magic Bus
Kirkland WA

FEB 1-2 - JR's Hideaway
Fabulous Johnsons
22540 Highway 3, Belfair, WA
Map Link
Phone: (360) 275-4547,
8:30pm to 12:00pm

Feb 8, 9
Magic Bus
Clearwater Casino
Poulsbo, WA

14-15 - JR's Hideaway
Fabulous Johnsons
22540 Highway 3, Belfair, WA
Map Link
Phone: (360) 275-4547,
8:30pm to 12:00pm

March 7, 8
Magic Bus
Wildhorse Casino
Pendleton, OR

May 3
Magic Bus
Tulalip Casino

May 16, 17
Magic Bus

Clearwater Casino
Poulsbo, WA

Answer will Rock the Academy

My Favorite British Band plays

Lucy & Rob will be seeing the Answer in London on 11th Dec. A very special event !!

Bad Company Poster !

Management - The Movie - MGM
(From the ARN Collection)
September 19, 2008
Synopsis: After a one-night fling, a motel manager (Steve Zahn) impulsively follows a small-time art dealer (Jennifer Aniston) across the country in this romantic comedy from playwright-turned-director Stephen Belber. Woody Harrelson co-stars as Aniston's wealthy boyfriend in the MGM production. ~ Jeremy Wheeler, All Movie Guide


  Say It's Not True - FREE 46664 Download

Queen and Paul Rodgers Brand New Recording For Free Download Especially For Nelson Mandela's 46664 On World Aids Day Available Via Queenonline

Spurred on by their commitments as Ambassadors to Nelson Mandela's 46664 HIV AIDS global campaign, on which the spotlight will fall December 1 with a World Aids Day awareness and fundraising concert in Johannesburg, South Africa, Brian, Roger and Paul have announced they have rushed to finish a track specially written for 46664 by Roger and have it available as a free download in time for this coming Saturday's benefit concert.

The track, Roger's "Say It's Not True", originally came to light for the launch of the 46664 campaign back in November 2003. Roger wrote the song as a gift to Nelson Mandela (or 'Madiba', as he is fondly know), and performed it live for him for the first time with Brian and Dave Stewart at the inaugural 46664 concert in Cape Town that month. The song carries the message that HIV AIDS is something that can affect any one of us.

Having played two previous 46664 concerts, but committed in the studio this year, Roger, Brian, and Paul decided to revisit the song, with all three of them sharing the vocals, and to make the song the band's message of support to Nelson Mandela this year.

"By making the song available for free", says Taylor, "we hope to help Madiba with his campaign to get across the message that no-one is safe from infection. We have to be aware, we have to protect ourselves and those we love. The song follows the line of his personal message: it's in our own hands to bring a stop to this."

Click here to download 'Say It's Not True'

A specially made video for "Say It's Not True" will be premiered during this Saturday's 46664 Johannesburg World AIDS Day concert and the track will be made available as a FREE download exclusively on and through, and for World Aids Day, December 1.

Click here to watch the Say It's Not True Video in the Queen Online Media Section

If you wish to make a donation to Nelson Mandela's 46664 campaign visit and press the donation button.

For the full press release goto


46664 NEWS


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