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Well, we made it home finally. :D The guy's dropped me off around 4 this morning. The show Friday was different than we all expected. We get there around 9:40 or so and the place was packed. 2 Frogs holds 200 people and I'm sure there were atleast 200 people there.


 We started at 10pm. The crowd seemed unusually subdued. They gave us a "friendly" ovation before we started. We played thru a couple of songs and again they gave us a "friendly" ovation. I thought, ok, these guy's aren't really into us. They're just waiting for Brett Michael's to get there. Then they'll start going nuts. We got word that Brett was on his way and would be there around midnight. Lee informed the crowd of that and this is where I thought the crowd would start livening up. But that wasn't the case. You heard several mild claps with around 2 screams but that was it. So, now I'm thinking well, as soon as He walks through the door, everyone's gonna lose it. So, we finish the set and the crowd cheered for us but it was nothing like Tuesday night at the Fuel show and after party. Now I'm thinking there's alot of out of towners who just aren't into us that much. But lo and behold, we got bum rushed before we could even get off the stage with people wanting pics and autographs. So we start the 2nd set and the crowd is a little more lively. Then I notice the first table in front of us get up and go to the back and several people in the back gathering. I'm guessing Brett is here. They just snuck him in thru the back somehow. (I thought he would come thru the front door and right beside the stage. I had my camera ready to film it.) So we finished out set, so we thought, and were getting ready to take a break when Benji came up to the stage and said that Brett wanted us to keep playing. That kinda irked me a little. Plus Lee still wasn't 100 percent and needed a break. But then it hit us. We were keeping the crowd "entertained" so that Brett wouldn't get bombarded all at once. It made sense. So we played a little longer before being allowed to take a little break. Evan and I made our way to the back of the club just to see that back area ,where Brett was, completely packed. And I'm sure we could've got somebody to take us back there, but we just didn't. I just thought he would be around after we finished playing when the place emptied of customers. Plus we were still getting bombarded by fans. So I figured I'd just wait. We jump back on stage and finish the night. We all did solo's and got a standing ovation. I noticed the drummer floating around in the crowd and watching intently at times. And with him being there, I just knew Brett was still there. We "try" to get off stage but got attacked again, lol. The drummer, Chuck, made his way to the front and I get my pic made with him which was very cool. He gave me his email address and offered to put us on the guest list for Saturday's show in Tulsa. I gotta email him and tell him thanks for the offer but we had to get home. Anyway, I ask him where Brett was just to be informed that Brett had been gone for a while. Apparently he has his own bus. Which is to be expected I suppose. I just envisioned him hanging out in the crowd and maybe getting up and jammin with us or atleast coming up and saying something to us instead of staying holed up in a corner the whole time. Now , granted he had already played a show at a casino and had already did one meet and greet. So I'm sure he was probably pretty tired. Everyone that met him said he was really low key and mellowed out. So, maybe some other time. Either way, it was an awesome little tour for us and incredibly great exposure. The "west" is a great market for Rock music.


 They really appreciate and support rock music out there. We got a few pics and vids that I will post as soon as I can find the usb cord to my digital camera, lol. It's great to be back in Georgia ;) and we'll catch up to you guy's soon. We've got a couple of local shows coming up soon. So stay in touch and thanks for reading. Hope my grammar wasn't too bad. It's my first time blogging, lol.


Chuck Smith

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Reply tiffaney
6:12 PM on November 21, 2010 
For that to br your first blog it was great. I'm glad you guys had a good time. '')