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Posted on November 19, 2010 at 3:53 PM


So we got woke up at 9:30am to sound check at 2 Frogs Grill. We get to play on our own equipment tonight. Aubry has a busy day today. So he wanted to get an early start. We got a decent line check before customers started rolling in to eat and we had to stop. So we sat down with Aubry for a bit and shot the breeze. He posted a rating thing on his facebook page. I think you can just find 2 Frogs in Ardmore Oklahoma to find his page. But anyway, he wanted to get peoples opinion on the Fuel show from Tuesday night. People ranked HOLCELL, IMI, and Fuel. They ranked us on a scale from 1 to 10. We got 10's and high 9's across the board. IMI ranked very low. And of course Fuel ranked high. I think you can just look for 2 Frogs in Ardmore, Ok to find it his facebook page. And he told us that Bad Company's manager called him to find out how we did. He gave us a great review. That was cool. !!!  


So we're sitting there eating and I over hear a lady at the table behind us saying something like, "and then they played Stayin Alive by the Bee Gee's and they really won me over." I turn around to look and noticed she was pretending to flip and twirl sticks and saying something about the drummer having ball bearings in his fingers. I told the guy's "I think those people are talking about us". So we eaves dropped a little more to realize they were. We then turned around and stared at them with funny looks for a few seconds before they recognized us and flipped out, lol. They said we were the best band of the night.  !!!  We talked for a few and they wanted a cd. We sell our cd's for 12 bucks a pop. The guy, who's name is John Odee gave us a 20 and insisted we keep the change. (Evan just brought me another pillow case to sign for one of the staff members here at the motel). But, anyway, thank you John Odee from Ardmore and family. And thank you to everyone else who supported us on this little mini tour on which we've embarked upon.  I'm really excited about tonight. Aubry said the guy's in Brett's band will almost definitely want to get up and jam with us and that the drummer's name is Chuck and he has a mohawk, lol. We gotta get lot's of pics and video footage for this thing.


 I'm having a blast and this whole thing is great exposure but I really miss my family  :( and I look forward to getting back home. Ok, I'm gonna go chill in the room until Aubry calls to finish up sound check. Talk to you guy's soon.

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