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Holdcell in Oklahoma (Evan)

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Holdcell in Oklahoma (Chuck)

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Holdcell in Oklahoma (Lee)

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Review on Urban Spoon

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Hope to hop back soon! by TeeToT (1 review) November 24, 2010 - Likes it



My Girlfriend and I went to Two Frogs for an after party for a Fuel Concert (Great concert by the way!). We were really hungry after the show, and instead of stopping at a fast food joint on the way, decided we would just have something at the party. It turns out, that was a great decision. We were blown away by two things that night at this place. One was, the food was just killer! Not at all what I expected, from what I thought was going to be a typical bar and grill. This place reminds me of a Hard Rock Cafe with better food. The other thing was, this band they had entertaining at the party. They were called Holdcell, and they had opened the Fuel show, but we had missed them earlier. These guys put on an amazing show, I mean they were awesome! :D I also purchased their CD and haven't taken it out of my CD player yet. I set out to go to a Fuel concert, and became a Two Frogs fan, and discovered an incredible new band, all in one night. I highly recommend checking both out. It is a long drive for me, but I will definitely be back. What a great night! Happy to be hopping to the tune of Two

Frogs, TeeToT

November 21, 2010 at 8:10pm

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Well, we made it home finally. :D The guy's dropped me off around 4 this morning. The show Friday was different than we all expected. We get there around 9:40 or so and the place was packed. 2 Frogs holds 200 people and I'm sure there were atleast 200 people there.


 We started at 10pm. The crowd seemed unusually subdued. They gave us a "friendly" ovation before we started. We played thru a couple of songs and again they gave us a "friendly" ovation. I thought, ok, these guy's aren't really into us. They're just waiting for Brett Michael's to get there. Then they'll start going nuts. We got word that Brett was on his way and would be there around midnight. Lee informed the crowd of that and this is where I thought the crowd would start livening up. But that wasn't the case. You heard several mild claps with around 2 screams but that was it. So, now I'm thinking well, as soon as He walks through the door, everyone's gonna lose it. So, we finish the set and the crowd cheered for us but it was nothing like Tuesday night at the Fuel show and after party. Now I'm thinking there's alot of out of towners who just aren't into us that much. But lo and behold, we got bum rushed before we could even get off the stage with people wanting pics and autographs. So we start the 2nd set and the crowd is a little more lively. Then I notice the first table in front of us get up and go to the back and several people in the back gathering. I'm guessing Brett is here. They just snuck him in thru the back somehow. (I thought he would come thru the front door and right beside the stage. I had my camera ready to film it.) So we finished out set, so we thought, and were getting ready to take a break when Benji came up to the stage and said that Brett wanted us to keep playing. That kinda irked me a little. Plus Lee still wasn't 100 percent and needed a break. But then it hit us. We were keeping the crowd "entertained" so that Brett wouldn't get bombarded all at once. It made sense. So we played a little longer before being allowed to take a little break. Evan and I made our way to the back of the club just to see that back area ,where Brett was, completely packed. And I'm sure we could've got somebody to take us back there, but we just didn't. I just thought he would be around after we finished playing when the place emptied of customers. Plus we were still getting bombarded by fans. So I figured I'd just wait. We jump back on stage and finish the night. We all did solo's and got a standing ovation. I noticed the drummer floating around in the crowd and watching intently at times. And with him being there, I just knew Brett was still there. We "try" to get off stage but got attacked again, lol. The drummer, Chuck, made his way to the front and I get my pic made with him which was very cool. He gave me his email address and offered to put us on the guest list for Saturday's show in Tulsa. I gotta email him and tell him thanks for the offer but we had to get home. Anyway, I ask him where Brett was just to be informed that Brett had been gone for a while. Apparently he has his own bus. Which is to be expected I suppose. I just envisioned him hanging out in the crowd and maybe getting up and jammin with us or atleast coming up and saying something to us instead of staying holed up in a corner the whole time. Now , granted he had already played a show at a casino and had already did one meet and greet. So I'm sure he was probably pretty tired. Everyone that met him said he was really low key and mellowed out. So, maybe some other time. Either way, it was an awesome little tour for us and incredibly great exposure. The "west" is a great market for Rock music.


 They really appreciate and support rock music out there. We got a few pics and vids that I will post as soon as I can find the usb cord to my digital camera, lol. It's great to be back in Georgia ;) and we'll catch up to you guy's soon. We've got a couple of local shows coming up soon. So stay in touch and thanks for reading. Hope my grammar wasn't too bad. It's my first time blogging, lol.


Chuck Smith

Friday 11/19/10 1:22pm

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So we got woke up at 9:30am to sound check at 2 Frogs Grill. We get to play on our own equipment tonight. Aubry has a busy day today. So he wanted to get an early start. We got a decent line check before customers started rolling in to eat and we had to stop. So we sat down with Aubry for a bit and shot the breeze. He posted a rating thing on his facebook page. I think you can just find 2 Frogs in Ardmore Oklahoma to find his page. But anyway, he wanted to get peoples opinion on the Fuel show from Tuesday night. People ranked HOLCELL, IMI, and Fuel. They ranked us on a scale from 1 to 10. We got 10's and high 9's across the board. IMI ranked very low. And of course Fuel ranked high. I think you can just look for 2 Frogs in Ardmore, Ok to find it his facebook page. And he told us that Bad Company's manager called him to find out how we did. He gave us a great review. That was cool. !!!  


So we're sitting there eating and I over hear a lady at the table behind us saying something like, "and then they played Stayin Alive by the Bee Gee's and they really won me over." I turn around to look and noticed she was pretending to flip and twirl sticks and saying something about the drummer having ball bearings in his fingers. I told the guy's "I think those people are talking about us". So we eaves dropped a little more to realize they were. We then turned around and stared at them with funny looks for a few seconds before they recognized us and flipped out, lol. They said we were the best band of the night.  !!!  We talked for a few and they wanted a cd. We sell our cd's for 12 bucks a pop. The guy, who's name is John Odee gave us a 20 and insisted we keep the change. (Evan just brought me another pillow case to sign for one of the staff members here at the motel). But, anyway, thank you John Odee from Ardmore and family. And thank you to everyone else who supported us on this little mini tour on which we've embarked upon.  I'm really excited about tonight. Aubry said the guy's in Brett's band will almost definitely want to get up and jam with us and that the drummer's name is Chuck and he has a mohawk, lol. We gotta get lot's of pics and video footage for this thing.


 I'm having a blast and this whole thing is great exposure but I really miss my family  :( and I look forward to getting back home. Ok, I'm gonna go chill in the room until Aubry calls to finish up sound check. Talk to you guy's soon.

Don't tell me I'm on the wrong floor !!!!!!

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Lee and Evan arriving at Hotel in OK

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Thursday Nov. 18, 2010

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Thursday Nov. 18, 2010

Hey guy's. Hope all is well in HOLDCELL fan land. Last night we had a show in Lewisville, Tx. at a club called Hat Tricks Sports Bar & Grill. It was a wednesday night, so, there weren't many people there. In fact, there were only around 15 or 20 people. So, needless to say, it was a slow night. Now granted, you alway's wanna play in front of people and it was a huge step down from Tuesday night after opening for Fuel and the after party. But, we still got to do what we love to do. You just have to expect that sometimes. I'm looking at it as a show to help keep our chops up and to stay loose. And the people that were there loved us. :D So we can't complain. We got back to our motel in Ardmore around 3:30am and crashed around 4:30 or so. I must have been exhausted because I slept till freakin 2pm today. And the only reason I got up was because Evan knocked on our door to tell us we had to go load in at 2 Frogs for the Brett Michaels show tomorrow night. So, we went to do that and got a bite to eat. 2 Frogs has great food by the way.  :P It's around 6pm and we're done. Just chillin at the room. Evan, Benji, and I may go to Winstar Casino and do a little gambling later. I'm itching to play some real poker (Texas Hold'em). Lee will probably stay here and chill. He's fighting a cold. So we're pumping him full of vitamin's and cold medicine so he can rock tomorrow night. He was feeling really bad last night but still sang and played like a champ. He's one of the toughest dudes I know. Aww man, I wish you guy's could've been with us tuesday night at Denney's after the show. I shot a little video of the event which I will post later. But, Benji Taylor is a NUT! That dude was drunk as a 3 eyed fish and had us rolling in the floor laughing. He and the manager Stephanie with IMI were going back and forth all night. He did a cart wheel in the middle of the highway, which wasn't bad at all. But that was quite the treat. Now a little about the staff here at the motel in Ardmore, Ok. They're all sweet as can be and most of em are new huge fans after seeing us at the Fuel show.

They've all been stopping us and wanting autographs and wanting cd's which we gladly conceded. But they've been killing us in the mornings with "room service". We're in a band. We live the night life. We want to be left alone in the mornings. So last night I put the "do not disturb" sign on the door thinking that would keep them away. But, nope, not at all. 9:30 this morning.... knock knock knock.......... "room service". I didn't answer. So they come on in anyway. They gave us some towels and left. But by this point I'm awake and furious. So I get up and go out to the hall way to give the lady a piece of my mind. Her cart is in the hallway but she's not. Then, I saw her master key on her cart. So, yep, I took it. At least the motel had another 15 or 20 minutes of peace. Me and Benji did a quick little video blog of the event and went back to sleep. Well, I think that's about it.


Thanks for keeping in touch and I'll talk to you guy's tomorrow.


Rock It Like A Doctrine,


Holdcell After show Party at Two Frogs Grill

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November 17th 2010

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So we finally got settled down in the motel monday night after a grueling 15 hr trip. Got woke up around 11:30 to meet the club owner Aubry. Ate a peanut butter and honey sandwich. Then headed to 2 Frogs Grill to set up and sound check for the after party. That went well. !!! Aubry is just a super cool dude. Made us feel right at home and really took care of us. So we finish up there, then hauled ass to Heritage Hall for the Fuel show. We walk in while they're doing their sound check and they sounded great. They finish up and we start loading in and helping IMI set up because we have to use their equipment which sucked by the way. :PGot sound check done then chilled out in the dressing room while Benji went for food. The place was already filling up and the adrenaline starts to flow. 7pm. Show time!


We rocked it like a doctrine despite having to play on someone elses equipment and they absolutely loved us. We really won them over and to top it off, we SHATTERED our merch sales record. It was unreal. We've never signed so many autographs in our lives. The people out west are AMAZING. So now, it's off to the after party to finish the night. That's right. 2 shows in 1 night. I said it. So we're jamming and in walks Fuel. Their roadie, Rob Star got up to jam with us and we got to hang out with the guys from Fuel. Signed more autographs and practically got mobbed every time we walked off stage, lol. It was pretty freakin awesome. !! Oh, and I took pics and video. So I'll post all that when we get home.

But thanks to everyone in Oklahoma for the love.!


Now it's off the Lewisville, Tx to play at Hat tricks. Talk to you guys tomorrow. 8)

Chuck Smith

Nov 15th 2010

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November 15 at 2:22pm


Woke up at 6am. Food and coffee. Finished packing and loaded the truck. Dropped the baby off at moms and said good bye at 7:30 which was hard. Got to Lee's house at 8. Loaded the equipment in the rain. Finally got on the road at 10am. Didn't even make it out of Ga before having a flat tire. We changed it pretty fast though. Probably because we were getting sprayed by every vehicle that passed,lol. Now its I-20 west bound. Daniel Tosh is making the trip more pleasant though.



Just hit Jackson Mississippi and finally a little bit of sunshine.



So our buddy Benji Taylor is along for the ride to help out. He just took over driving and reached for his "sprite" and took a drink. Well, it was Lee's skoal spit instead.




When these single axle trailers have a flat, they almost always wreck. We've been very fortunate so far. I reckon the Rock n Roll gods are with us. ;)


Chuck L. Head


Monday Nov 15th

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"People, we got some Rock-N-Rollin' to do." WE ARE HEADING OUT WEST! First stop Heritage Hall in Ardmore, Oklahoma, to open for Fuel. Later that night off to Two Frogs Grll to perform at the Fuel after show party. Then down to Hat Tricks in Dallas, Texas. Then back to up to Two Frogs Gril ,Ardmore, Oklahoma, to perform at the Brett Michaels VIP Party

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Looking forward to meeting some of you HOLDCELLmates in the midwest!!

"Rock it like a doctrine"