1st- 18th AUGUST 2007



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Jonny Cole - Vocals - 19
Ric Gingell - Lead Guitar - 18
Adam Laing - Bass - 19
Martin Saint - Drums - 19


GetVegas take their influence from a range of styles, bands and solo musicians,

 such as Free, Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, The Datsuns, Rush,  B.R.M.C., Thin Lizzy and Silvertide.


“Britain’s "GetVegas" leave heavy grooves and vibes much like the band FREE did in the late 60s -

with songs in your mind and soul, not easily erased. That's for sure!” - Lucy Piller (allrightnow.com / Atlanta / Magic Wand Productions – Roswell, Georgia US)


Photo copyright Terry Divyak




The 100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time

See Rolling Stone Magazine






TRACK 3 - "SEAGULL" by Paul Rodgers & Mick Ralphs ****4/5  

Joe has come a long way since touring with Paul Rodgers a few years ago






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 Magic Bus

Lynn Sorensen: Bass, Vocals, Violin. Joe Shikany: Guitar, Vocals. Steve Hanna: Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals. Jeff Kathan: Drums. Dannielle and Shannon, Our Lovely Cage Dancers!


MAGIC BUS  is a retro-rock and roll band based in Seattle WA. Formed in 1992, this band has traveled North America for 15 years performing every kind of venue and event. From stadiums to night clubs, to a back yard bar mitzvah (they were seriously were trying to impress the other kids), we've done it all! As the years have come and gone, the Bus has become more of a fun side project for some of the band members. Lynn Sorensen, the bass player and Jeff Kathan the drummer, currently tour the world with Bad Company's lead vocalist, Paul Rodgers and make time for select Magic Bus shows when they can. Joe Shikany, guitar (who also toured with Paul) and Steve Hanna, guitar and keys, round out the group. Lynn, Joe and Jeff also play in a new Seattle favorite, Spike and the Impalers, with members of the KZOK radio morning show. Oh yes, the dancers. Yes we do have a couple of groovy birds in cages to liven up the place. Danielle and Shannon are our lovely dancers and give the band the true flavor of the 60's in their bell-bottoms and bright paisley tops. I think that's about enough for now. If you'd like to join my weekly mailing list (which lists all of the projects I'm in) send me your email address and I'll add you.

 Peace, Joe Shikany




Jul 2007 - Varese Sarabande (USA) has issued a new compilation album called An Introduction To Mick Ralphs, featuring tracks from Mick's three Angel Air solo albums. The 12 tracks include All It Takes, When The Revolution Comes, Rock Fever, On The Run, Rock N Roller, All Across The Nile, Hideaway, S.E.X., Don't Need Money, Can't Get Enough (demo), That's Life, Ready For Love.

IntroDuction CD



Featuring the TREWS from Canada and SUPERSTACK
Image and video hosting by TinyPic  Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Best Festival with the Best Bands
Just two weeks to go........


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LYNN SORENSEN with the Rocketts
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Paul Rodgers


Paul Rodgers [Grande Ronde, OR]

Friday, August 10th, 2007 at 7:00PM Pacific

This is an outdoor event and it is RAIN OR SHINE.

Ticket Prices: $50.00 / $40.00 / $30.00


Venue and Seating Information

Spirit Mountain Casino

Getting to Spirit Mountain Casino

Don't feel like driving to the casino? No problem, just hop on the SMC shuttle bus and relax while we do the driving. Shuttle Hotline (877) RIDESMC

For detailed directions please click on the city you are interested in.

Shuttle Bus Schedule Changes Beginning July 2007

Physical Address: 27100 S.W. Salmon River Highway, Grand Ronde, Oregon 97347
Directions: Portland | Vancouver | Lincoln City | Salem | Corvallis | Eugene







 Qualified for the 2007 Atlantis Music Conference


The Atlantis Music Conference and Festival

Celebrating its landmark 10th Anniversary of Atlantis, a three day and four night extravaganza (September 19th-24th) in Atlanta, GA. Atlantis offers artists, music fans, and the music industry the complete music experience. Atlantis is highlighted by a three night music festival featuring the most cutting edge music across various genres and supported by daily educational panels committed to tackling the most relevant topics in the ever changing music business. Atlantis offers opportunities for fans, artists, and industry leaders the best access in the business to grow and network through the music festival, panels, parties, or through intense artist to industry showcases that are available for reservation each day. Atlantis is the place to get a sneak peak of what's next in the music world.

With 95% of its performing artists unsigned and from all parts of the world, Atlantis is not just a Southeastern conference; it is an International Conference, held in the Southeastern United States. This year Atlantis celebrates its 10 Anniversary taking place September 19-22, 2007.

Atlantis' 10th Anniversary Celebration Centralized at the CW Midtown Music Complex, Atlanta, GA

We are proud to announce the artists performing at this years Atlantis Music Festival. Please check out our site for the full list.
SUPERSTACK have been picked to play Friday 9.30pm at the CENTER STAGE !!!!!!!!!!!!

Paul Rodgers performing The Hunter



Aug. 6-7 2007

Queen Legends give tips to Idols

Roger Taylor and Brian May (Queen)

The Top 7 competitors will workshop with Queen's Brian May and Roger Taylor on the set of the hit musical "We Will Rock You," rehearsing with the nine-piece rock band that backs the Queen-themed production.

Then, the Top 7 will join May and Taylor and some of the cast of "We Will Rock You" on stage for the musical's show-stopping finale. On the Top 7 results show, "We Will Rock You" star Yvan Pedneault will perform with the Top 7 on the Canadian Idol stage.

The mentoring sessions and live performances will be featured on this week's Canadian Idol episodes on Monday, August 6 and in the results show on Tuesday, August 7.




Atlanta's Andrew Black

As many of you know I have been a huge fan of Andrew Black for at least 12 years. He is my No. 2 vocalist after Paul Rodgers........

...Andrew Black is a mainstay in the Atlanta music scene. Andrew is a professional guitarist/vocalist. He began playing open mike nights in the Atlanta area in 1992, and it wasn’t long before he formed his own band and made his mark in the local music scene. He has since toured all over the country, both as a solo act and with his band. His music encompasses many styles and genres, including blues, jazz, southern rock and country. His distinct soulful voice and sweet guitar licks cut right to the heart. It isn’t difficult to hear the influences of some of his heroes in his music, including Albert King, George Benson, Stevie Ray Vaugan and Prince, to name a few. In addition to touring with the Andrew Black Band, Andrew is available for tours and studio work with other musicians/bands.


Andrew Black with Barry Richman on lead guitar

Filmed by Scott "Dr. Music" Itter

Washington County Fair Park West Bend, Wisconsin 7/27/07



 The Paul Rodgers Band
Washington County Fair Park
 West Bend, Wisconsin


Photo copyright Scott “Dr. Music” Itter





Paul in Issue 39 of Blues Matters

2007 Paul Rodgers Shirts





Left photo taken by Lucy Piller 1970

Boogie Mama

Satisfaction Guaranteed Japan 06

The Ultimate - Paul Rodgers - Loving You Is Sweeter Than Ever




More  winners







TAMMY - Charleston SC USA

ALAN M - North Carolina USA

SARAH A. -  Milwaukee WI USA




Black Hand




 Vocals - Ollie Pigott
Guitar - Rob Chapman
Bass - Greyum May
Drums - Ian Brenchley

This video was shot at Abbey Road in the famous Studio two where "The Black Hand", who are unsigned, recorded there debut EP "City Will Burn" check out www.theblackhandofficial.com for more.

"The Black Hand demonstrate all that is right with the current state of Rock & Roll. They are clearly a revival of a not too long forgotten art of setting a pounding groove and then expanding it. A 70's inspired jump back with a modern tinge.

 Effectively, they make right the style of Free, Cream and a gaggle of other venerable rock acts we've come to hold in a higher esteem.











John Tierney


UXL are hotly tipped to become one of the major young breakthrough acts of 2007. From Birmingham, the Tierney brothers formed UXL (formerly Elixir) over three years ago with friend Dan Clark and have evolved into an intriguing combination of energy and melody that draws on the varied musical influences of Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Dylan, Hendrix, The Beatles and U2.

UXL had the usual start familiar to bands everywhere. Lots of rehearsing, recording demos, sending off demos, getting gigs, playing to three people audiences (two mates and the manager), dealing with eccentric sound engineers and loading unreliable vans in the early hours. Like most bands, UXL have also had their fair share of dodgy haircuts, mid-gig cock-ups, 10 minute sets due to over enthusiastic support acts, trawling dictionaries for new band names, spot outbreaks at photo time and general lurching from one crisis to another.



'UXL display songwriting abilities far beyond this young band's tender years, both in lyrical, musical
  content and structure. Vocalist John has such emotive passion, depth and fire in his young voice;
  some bands never attain that level of professionalism and maturity after years of playing the circuit.
  This is a band worthy of your immediate attention!'

'The potential these guys have is astounding and with every strong vocal, precise drumbeat and
  distinctive guitar sound - a better song is built. UXL are already on their way to becoming a highly
  successful rock outfit.'
   DEVOLUTION MAGAZINE 'The band seem to be growing with every release and its understandable to hear that they are
  receiving a great dealof record label interest. I've said it before and I'm going to say it again, if
  you like classic rock you'll love UXL.'










 Bad Company  Members to perform live at
The Diamond in Mansfield, UK 
On Bank Holiday
 August 25th.2007

The band, featuring Bad Company members Mick Ralphs, Dave 'Bucket' Colwell, Robert Hart and Jaz Lochrie will perform an evening of original Bad Company music.  Special guest Harry James from Thunder will join the band on drums. 

See the Stars of Bad Co. Live






This event is an experience not to be missed !!!!!

For more details go to




To date Paul Rodgers has written, recorded, and released 29 albums. Here are his comments on some of the CD's.

  Album   Year Comments

Live In Glasgow


Paul Rodgers 2007

"And finally... after a mere 39 years it  all comes together on the DVD .  A good cross section of my songs both past and present."

Return of the Champions Queen+Paul Rodgers 2005 "It certainly captures a musical moment in time."
Chronicles Free 2005 "A lot of music and a lot of memories."
Merchants of Cool

Bad Company 2002 "My first live recording with Bad Co. Adding a new song 'Joe Fabulous' gives it a nice edge."
Electric Paul Rodgers 2000 "Although 'Drifters' was the single, I was especially pleased with 'Over You'."
Anthology Bad Company 1999 "Something old, something new, nothing borrowed, blues infused."
Paul Rodgers Live Paul Rodgers 1996 "This is one of the best quality live albums I've ever heard both in sound and performance."
Muddy Water Blues Paul Rodgers 1993 "The 12 bar blues simple framework upon which you can rest your soul."
The Firm The Firm 1985 "Interesting and challenging ...."
Cut Loose Paul Rodgers 1983 "An opportunity for me to paint all the musical colours myself."
Bad Company Bad Company 1974 "Bad Company's first album ... Powerful and fresh. We were the first band to have a self-titled song."
Fire and Water Free 1970 "With vinyl better quality can be achieved by fewer tracks (this allows wider grooves in the vinyl) Therefore 7 tracks no fillers and we began producing ourselves from here on in."
Tons of Sobs Free 1968

"Walked straight off the street and basically recorded our live set."

Riding on a Pony

Alec, David and Paul Kossoff


The two Kossoff brothers took their different routes into showbusiness. But over long lives and careers, in film, TV and radio each would become friendly and familiar voices to generations of Britons.

Alec Kossoff was the older by some 11 years. Born in October 1908, he was the son of Louis and Anne, who like many others had fled persecution in the pogroms of Russia for a new life in London. And like so many others they ended up going no further than Whitechapel. Louis ended up working in the East End rag trade - a tough and badly paid profession that Alec and his younger brother David were determined to escape.

The young Alec won a place at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA), winning a silver medal on graduation. With his newly Anglicised stage name, Alan Keith, he went on to the stage: one of his earliest roles saw him in George Bernard Shaw's own production of 'Major Barbara', in the West End. He also worked as a stand-up comic at the Windmill Theatre ... a tough gig with the comedians filling the gaps between the nude performers that all the punters had really come to see.

But it was on radio that Alan was to become a star. He was already a fixture on the BBC by the mid-thirties. Then in 1959 he came up with a beautifully simple idea that would define the rest of his career. Your Hundred Best Tunes, was first broadcast on the Light Programme, (later to become Radio 2) on 15 November 1959. The show was slated for a 13-week run but was an immediate hit. Alan Keith OBE was still presenting the Sunday night show in March 2003, when he died at the age of 94.

Alan selected the tracks from the BBC music library - generally popular classics. A listeners' poll in 1997 showed a typical selection, with Bizet's The Pearl Fishers coming in at Number 1 just ahead of Finlandia by Sibelius. His criteria were simple: "A tune must be popular, and it must be good of its kind - even if it's only a Cockney ballad it must have class."

The younger Kossoff, David, was born in 1919, and unlike his older brother had no immediate ambitions to go on the stage. His first concern was to get a better-paid job than his father. After leaving school he went to art school and decided to be an interior designer, mostly of furniture. Years later, he would renovate his own London home ... and make the furniture. At the beginning of the Second World War, he was working as an aircraft draughtsman.

His first stage appearance was in November 1942, playing Juan Rojo in a Unity Theatre production of Spanish Civil War play The Spanish Village. He stayed with the left-wing theatre group for three years, directing and performing in plays put on to entertain Londoners in the communal air raid shelters during the Blitz.

Kossoff was to find his roots useful as he began to establish himself on stage and TV in the fifties, specialising in Jews and Russians.

He became a much-loved figure on TV playing Peggy Mount's hen-pecked husband in sitcom 'The Larkins'. And, using his prematurely grey hair as a prop to act older than his years he appeared in two of Wolf Mankewitz's finest movies. In 'A Kid For Two Farthings' the 36-year-old David played an elderly Jewish tailor, trying to keep a cockney boy's dreams alive. In 'The Bespoke Overcoat' the following year he was, once again, a Jewish tailor.

Kossoff himself wasn't an especially religious man and had married outside the Jewish faith. But his next big role saw him reinterpreting the Bible on BBC radio, retelling stories in a friendly, homespun way ... Kossoff was a masterful storyteller. The Book of Witnesses (1971) was a TV series in which he turned the Gospels into pacey monologues. He penned the prayer book 'You've Got A Moment, Lord?' and published 'Stories From A Small Town', based on 19th-century Jewish-Russian folk tales.

The final stage of his career was the most poignant. In 1976 his son Paul, lead guitarist with rock band Free, had died of a heart attack brought on by drug abuse. He was just 25. Kossoff spent the rest of his days using his performing talents to warn young people of the dangers of drugs: touring his one-man show 'The Late Great Paul' round schools and universities.




Music 'N' Vision


 Music ‘N’ Vision is soon to launch an exclusive never-before seen interview with PAUL RODGERS right here

… Rodgers talks to Will Scally at Music ‘N’ Vision about his time in the business. Grab your RSS feed and stay tuned to launch updates.









  WHEELIEFEST 9 Sat August 25th 2007 Fantasy Island, Rowland PA

This year WHEELIEFEST continues it's rebuilding process, again welcoming a similiar styled major label REAL ROCK act back to the mainstage along with offering the absolute BEST indie artists available upon which our reputation has been built. I am INCREDIBLY CONFIDENT in our initial roster and expect to only add to our REAL ROCK integrity!! The future is wide open.
For the first time ever, last years WF8 had steady day long rain which did hurt attendence but still managed to more or less cover costs. This years goal is to restore a larger crowd and hopefully show a modest profit to keep the IRS happy as REAL ROCK is in it's 5th legitimate year of existance and MUST show a profit on paper so NOW is the time to step up and  BRING SOME NEW FRIENDS TO WHEELIEFEST!! I remain COMPLETELY committed to rebuilding this INCREDIBLE event, insuring it's future success but we need YOUR assistance to help spread the word!! It remains... FOR THE FANS, BY THE FANS!!
Once again there will be an Earlybird discount special for all those whose orders are POSTMARKED & paid by Sat July 7. This should help spur advance sales so I can sleep a bit better as well as give me a sense of what demand is likely to be for my caterer & keg estimates.  Also, we will again offer payment through Paypal IF there is enough demand AND purchaser helps cover their fees. Info will be posted at the end of this thread shortly.
Postmark your WF9 ticket order(with payment) by July 7 and receive the Earlybird Special price of $60. After that date, price adjusts to the $65 advance ticket price until 7/31, then FULL price of $70 afterwards. As always entrance includes excellent catered dinner, unlimited FREE BEER, DJ Spaide on the island, camping, swimming and AWESOME quality live Rock-N-Roll. The return of Canadian rockers The TREWS will highlight the line-up which also features the WHEELIEFEST debut of SUPER STACK & The SCOTT WEIS BAND as well as fan favorites MEDUSA STONE from NC and NYC's FAMOUS. 
As always there MUST be enough advance tickets sold to warrant the huge costs and risks associated with arranging a grassroots festival of this sort so like in the past, I am placing a deadline of July 31st. By that days mail I must have approx 200 paid or I will NOT move forward. This is a VERY reasonable goal. If you truly love this event, support it early on with an advance ticket order. I still need approx 300 paid to guarantee all associated costs are covered but I refuse to put the bands at risk as I have no other means of covering a large deficit. Please order ASAP as history has already proven IT WILL BE MORE FUN THEN HUMANS ARE ALLOWED TO HAVE!!!! Tickets are limited and price at the gate will be higher unless of course it sells out ahead of time.
There will once again be a pre-party on Friday with FREE BEER/camping/BONFIRE/combined BBQ as well as early admission to WF9. This will be similiar to last year, is ALWAYS a BLAST and allows all those that travelled a long distance to hang and party together the night before the GREATEST ROCK-N-ROLL EVENT OF THE YEAR!! Please email me directly at v[email protected] for more info.
WHEELIEFEST 9 T-shirt sponsorships are available to anyone interested in supporting the event and having their name/business/etc printed on the back of the shirt. We are also seeking an overall stage & sound sponsor. More info available via email at: [email protected] or [email protected]  call (570)685-2153 or eventually will be posted in a seperate thread on our website forum(Rumor Mill) at: http://www.realrockpro.com/ For the most current up to date WF9 info join the REAL ROCK Insider newsletter at: http://realrockpro.com/contact.html 
To help speed up entry at the gate this year, the $5 VEHICLE charge for camping can be paid in advance. Just add $5 to your ticket order per vehicle needed in the camping area(all others are free) and a vehicle pass will then be included along with your WF9 tickets. This charge does not apply to those not staying overnight and is necessary to help limit parking in the best camping areas.
Please send your ticket order ASAP in money order form ONLY to:
     Bryan Thompson, 1 Pontiac Place, Rowland PA 18457. 
Ticket orders MUST include a large SASE with clearly written return addresses.
 >>>>>>>>>>>IT'S GONNA BE AWESOME!!!!<<<<<<<<<<<<
 WHEELIEFEST 9 -  The FREEDOM To Feel Alive!!!!

Mention this RRP Insider email and still receive the $65 ticket price IF you order by this Saturday Aug 4th

Join the REAL ROCK Rumor Mill for latest updates and info @ http://www.realrockpro.com/cgi-bin/yabb/YaBB.pl

PayPal Info:

 There was enough demand last year for WHEELIEFEST ticket payments through PayPal to once again provide this optional service. If you're unfamiliar with PayPal, sign-up is free and then you can use a credit card through their site but there is a small fee. It is affordable, easy to use and works quite well.
1) Go to https://www.paypal.com/ and log in or sign up if necessary.
2) Click on send money.
3) Type in my email of: [email protected] (copy & paste to assure it's correct) and if it requires a name type in Bryan Thompson.
4) Make PayPal payment BEFORE July 7 and qualify for the Earlybird Special discount of $60 per ticket + $3 fee, total of $63 EACH. After 7/7 ticket price raises to $65 + $4 fee each(total $69) until 7/31, then FULL price of $70 + $4(total $74 each) afterwards. If you also wish to get your vehicle pass in advance add $5 to your order. If you wish to attend the pre-party, etc please email me first for arrangements at the above email.
5) Make certain your PROPER mailing address is included with your PayPal order to assure prompt delivery of your tickets once they're received from the printer.
Of course standard mail orders with SASE are still accepted and encouraged(details on the ticket order thread) but if you wish to use a credit card this payment method is easy and painless.
Any questions, problems or concerns email or call (570)685-1177  http://realrockpro.com/




3/8/2007 Riga Live Music, 228 London Road, Westcliff On Sea, Essex SS0 7JG. 01702 348 020

Roxzone at The White Horse, 39 Chichester Rd, Bognor Regis, W Sussex. PO21 2XH

22/9/2007 Windsor Castle, The - 378 Carshalton Road, Carshalton, Surrey, SM5 3PT. 020 8669 1191
12/10/2007 Windsor Blues Club, Home Park Datchet Road, Windsor Berkshire, SL4 6HX
19/10/2007 Cardinal Wolsey, The Green, Hampton Court, East Molsey, Surrey. KT8 9BW. 0208 487 3651
26/10/2007 The Globe, 104 Windmill Road, Brentford, Middlesex. TW8 9NA. 020 8580 0086
27/10/2007 Prince of Wales, Holmsdale Road, Reigate, Surrey. RH2 0BQ. Tel: 01737 243112
9/11/2007 The Poyntz Arms 85 Walton Road, East Molesey, Surrey, KT8 0DP. 0208-941-2323
23/11/2007 Cardinal Wolsey, The Green, Hampton Court, East Molsey, Surrey. KT8 9BW. 0208 487 3651
30/11/2007 The Poyntz Arms 85 Walton Road, East Molesey, Surrey, KT8 0DP. 0208-941-2323
1/12/2007 Windsor Castle, The - 378 Carshalton Road, Carshalton, Surrey, SM5 3PT. 020 8669 1191
6/12/2007 Cellar Bar Blues, Farnham Maltings, Farnham, Surrey. GU9 7QR. 01252 793430.
21/12/2007 The Globe, 104 Windmill Road, Brentford, Middlesex. TW8 9NA. 020 8580 0086






Think you can sing like Paul Rodgers ??

Position Available - Contact





Call Bert at  07766318883 if anyone in the East Yorkshire area is interested


Rolling Stone Article

 Jimmy Page to Reunite with Jeff Beck for Yardbirds Tour

yardbirdsAccording to an industry insider, Jimmy Page and Jeff Beck are going to tour as The Yardbirds this fall alongside founding bassist Chris Dreja and drummer Jim McCarty. The tour is said to kick off this October. It’s unclear who will be the reformed Yardbirds’ lead singer (original vocalist Keith Relf died of electrocution in 1976). Eric Clapton, the Yardbirds’ founding guitarist, has no plans to participate, according to the source.

Page and Beck’s tenure in the Yardbirds overlapped by only a few months in 1966, but they have remained close friends since. The British blues legends disbanded in July of 1968, although Dreja and McCarty have been touring steadily under the Yardbirds name since the 1990s, and are currently on the road through August. The band reunited for one night in 1992 when they were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Photo: RB/ Redferns / Retna





Which name could it be??????





Fire & Water bospop 2007

Introducing a Tribute to Bad Co - usa



Star & Stripes

KZOK- Spike and The Impalers


The Free Convention,
c/o Bill Flynn 4 Mile End Close, Foulridge, Colne, Lancs. BB8 7LD

Email:  [email protected]  
evening tel:  01282 868352

July  2007

Dear Loyal Free Fan,  
 Friday 26th October  2007
Tavistock Roker Hotel  Roker Terrace   SUNDERLAND   0191 567 1786
email = [email protected]  doors open 7pm  featuring 3 live bands
I am pleased to announce this year’s Convention. I am excited by both a new fantastic venue,  and also the inclusion of 3 fabulous new bands : (all approx times)
1)   7.30pm  ‘Basing Street Band’ cover : early Free .
2)   8.30pm   ‘Free Spirit’  cover  : Free and Bad Co and play  the best versions of the tracks : ‘Bad Co’ and ‘Ready for Love’  I’ve heard for some time.
3)  10.15pm ‘Completely Free’ have the most authentic rhythm section around, featuring a young look alike Andy Fraser , and a drummer who is the nearest thing I’ve seen play like Simon Kirke, the whole band look the part too, sadly to say this might be the last gig for this line up , as  bassist is moving on to pastures new - miss this line up at your peril !  
So dare I say it , this might be one of the best Conventions yet.

I expect a lot of interest, this year ticket prices will be £8 for anyone booking prior to the 31st August 2007 and thereafter tickets will be priced at £10. As a past Convention supporter you are being given the first opportunity to apply for tickets before the general public, unfortunately I won’t be allowed to let more than the capacity in, on the day.  Tickets prices I am keeping as low as possible. Please make cheques payable to Bill Flynn and kindly enclose a large s.a.e. Tickets will be sent out from the end of August 2007 . Last year’s Convention raised £1200 for the  Northern Brainwave appeal from the gig alone , and I’m hoping to raise further money this year, this is a fantastic cause for us to all be involved in. .

I am dedicating this year’s event to my late father who died in February 2007, and you may understand that I have been slow to advertise the Convention DVD performance of last year’s event which was probably one of the great Convention concerts, featuring  great sets from ‘FREEWAY’ and ‘HEAVY LOAD’, this is captured perfectly on DVD with great sound and quality picture quality.  I cannot recommend this too highly to you, I find that I revisit the DVD regularly, when I want some ‘Free’ adrenalin in my veins! . I have a limited number of these DVDs available at £11 including p&p once they are gone there will be no further copies made, I have not recovered my costs in having this produced, so would appreciate anyone who orders a copy . the DVD also has a great cover/and also is a picture disc, again I will be supporting the Brainwave appeal through profits from the sale of the DVD -a stunning addition to your Free collection.  Also I have some black Convention T-shirts for sale, anyone interested please send a cheque for £11 (this includes postage costs). The Shirts will be sent out with Tickets. Please state size required, I will endeavour to supply the size requested -first come first served. 

Kind Regards
   Bill Flynn






New German FREE & Bad Company Tribute band





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